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The movie review "Dangerous Business and Workers Safety" states that dangerous business is a movie that has been done in association with the New York Times and CBC. It involves the issue of workers' safety and requirements. The business that is mentioned in this movie involves the iron industry. …
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Dangerous Business and Workers Safety
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The movie profiles the cases of seven employees who have acquired injuries in the course of their employment.
One of the victims is Marcos Lopez. He has worked in the company since high school. Marcos suffers serious back injuries from working form long hours sometimes up to sixteen hours in a day. The company Tyler pipe has a record of violating the safety rules. A former engineer with the company, Ron Howard describes the company’s policies that safety is sacrificed to increase productivity and make profits at the expense of humans. In a scene on the movie, a man dies when moving iron parts. The corporation responds by saying that he was a good man who made a very big mistake.
Other actors featured are Kennedy Valve and Frank Wagner. They are ordered to dispose of toxic paint into an incinerator. Frank Wagner dies from an explosion in the oven. The company also does not provide adequate training for the job. Mc Wane Company also requires employees to sign a contract that they should never sue it and therefore benefiting from the compensation.
The movie also features a single director for the entire plant known as Clyde Doran. The director does not have the authority to stop production. He is also ordered to withhold information from officials. After the death of Frank Wagner, criminal charges were forwarded against the company. They were charged with criminal negligence. Consequently, Mc Wane threatened a massive loss of jobs if forced to change its policies.
Other late discoveries were made. Delaware River had an eight-mile oil stick that came from an Mc Wane pipe plant holding tank. The companies holding tanks were not big enough for toxic waste that the company produced. In response, Mc Wane defended itself by saying that with competition from all over the world mainly China and Latin America, it is hard to maintain the environmental policies. Read More
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