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Business of the Burberry Clothes Designer Company - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Business of The Burberry Clothes Designer Company' presents Burberry clothes designer company which is headquartered in the United Kingdom but has seen the demand for its designer clothing change as a result of the introduction of newer technologies of consumption…
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Business of the Burberry Clothes Designer Company
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Extract of sample "Business of the Burberry Clothes Designer Company"

Download file to see previous pages Due to the changes that come from the new technologies and globalization, the meaning attached to their clothing by their consumers has greatly changed. The consumers currently view their dressing styles as a reflection of their beliefs, values and an extension of their personalities. This, in turn, means that the choice the consumer makes and wants to be associated with enables him to propel himself or herself among her society. As a result of the globalization process, their customers’ influences have changed the meaning of several of the company’s brands, values along with their standings in the global market.

The demand for the designer to wear that the company deals in will decrease in the near future, but the demand for their strong comfort products will continue rising since the populations’ incomes continue rising as technologies advance. The market for their designer clothing is increasing becoming volatile and disorderly due to the changes in customer needs along with desires that require to be satisfied. The volatile nature of the market results from the free flow of information that results from the globalization process. It is also facilitated by the fact that new technologies are increasingly being utilized in the production of several of their commodities. In terms of reaping the benefits of using newer technologies along with globalization, the clothing company has come up with strong and desirable products for their customers. This is all happening because the markets have in turn become more of a challenge to cope with along the high rates of competition. The process of achieving growth is becoming very difficult for the company when it comes to maintaining its uniqueness along with exclusivity as a result of their competitors’ efforts. This is besides the fact that the clothing company has the desire of growing and expanding its influence using newer technologies and their globalization efforts.

Through the use of accessories such as sunglasses, shoes, and handbags the clothing company has developed and expanded their markets while at the same time maintaining their distinctiveness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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