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Proposed Marketing Research for Mulberry Group PLC - Assignment Example

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This paper proposes the most appropriate research for Mulberry Group PLC in the United Kingdom. The author of the paper concludes that Mulberry Group PLC marketing strategy needs to be focused on keeping their existing customers and bringing in new customers…
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Proposed Marketing Research for Mulberry Group PLC
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Extract of sample "Proposed Marketing Research for Mulberry Group PLC"

Download file to see previous pages This is achieved through its shops and department store concessions. The design section includes brand management, product design, manufacture, marketing, sourcing, outsourcing, and wholesale distribution of its products. Mulberry Group Mulberry Group PLC wholly owned subsidiary companies include Mulberry Company (France) SARL, Mulberry Company (Design) Limited and Mulberry Company (Europe) Limited (Mulberry Group, 2012).
Over the past few years, there has been stiff competition for the Retail segment in the United Kingdom. This is owing to the direct competition of leather goods and services from Pavers England Accessory Stores and Burberry, and rapid increase in the number of leather distribution stores in the region. Mulberry Group Plc (MUL.L) reported a weaker-than-expected 3 percent rise in comparable retail sales, a fall of the company's shares from 34% at the beginning of the year to 25% (1,505 pence on the London Stock Exchange) in June 20008 (Berger, 2011). This motivated the company to conduct a market research that would provide the company with relevant information to help it increase its sales and revenue in the highly competitive market. This paper, therefore, proposes the most appropriate research for Mulberry Group PLC in the United Kingdom.
Marketing is something which must be performed in the right way possible in order to promote the increased sale of a product. This should incorporate all components of a marketing plan and functions in addition. The marketing plan in that manner becomes the central application, which has the competency to improve the sales of a product in the global perspective (Gilbert & Dawn, 2009, p.45). The marketing of a product largely relies on the marketing plan established in any given organization.
The defined process for a company to implement its products or services is 1) assessing the information needs, 2) developing the needed information through internal databases, 3) implementation of market research.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Proposed Marketing Research for Mulberry Group PLC Assignment.
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