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This essay "Analysis of Apple iPad" is in response to the review written by Topolsky for iPad on Engadget. The iPad has received mixed reviews after people have actually used it. The device is more related to your taste than your needs. It analyses the launch of Apple’s new product, the iPad. …
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Analysis of Apple iPad
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Analysis of Apple iPad
This review is in response to the review written by Topolsky for iPad on Engadget (2010).
There has been a lot of excitement and anticipation about the launch of Apple’s new product, the iPad. The company created a lot of hype for the product, and since it is Apple, the response of the customers was unsurprising; people waited with baited breath for the revolutionizing product (Topolsky, 2010) that would change the way the communications industry worked. However, the iPad has received mixed reviews after people have actually used it. The device is more related to your taste than your needs. In simple words, it is not for everyone, and you can not justify its need based on its usage or applications. The device is in-between a computer and a cell phone, which is exactly what it is; neither a computer, nor a cell phone. The computing is powerful enough, but the size and weight prove to be a discomfort, especially with extended usage. There are a lot of software problems with the device, with applications getting stuck, and not giving the desired results and displays. The price of the device is another drawback, and with a high cost as that, it is a matter of pure personal choice rather than necessity.
This review is different and more persuasive from the one Topolsky wrote on Engadget (2010) because it is more realistic and submits the true experience and problems related with iPad rather than merely singing its praises, which is what Topolsky’s review mostly is. It is seems the writer was in awe of the company products, and so was biased about the quality and the desirability of the device. This review, on the other hand, is more unbiased and factual, and leaves the reader at a stage where he or she can make their own decision about the purchase and usage of the product. It is not so heavily influenced by the company’s aura, as is Topolsky’s review, and makes use of logos and ethos rather than pathos to appeal to the customer, unlike the former review.

Topolsky, J. (2010). Apple iPad review. Retrieved from Read More
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