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The History and Applications of Head-to-Head Comparisons Method - Essay Example

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The author of the essay entitled "The History and Applications of Head-to-Head Comparisons Method" states that The Head-to-Head comparisons method is simply a subset of the Condorcet method as the same procedure is undertaken, except that only two candidates are being evaluated in the former…
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The History and Applications of Head-to-Head Comparisons Method
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Extract of sample "The History and Applications of Head-to-Head Comparisons Method"

However, documents found in the Vatican Library would prove that Lull discovered it first in 1299 (“Condorcet Elections,” par. 3).
While Borda’s method has found applications outside the realm of elections, the Condorcet method has not received much popularity anywhere in the world. In fact, no country has implemented such a system in government elections (“Condorcet Method,” par. 3). However, a number of public and private organizations are starting to take an interest in the method. Condorcet method is useful in voting systems where voters indicate their preference ranking, or when valid assumptions can be made about the voters’ preference. Although the method requires only simple mathematics, its importance in the electoral process cannot be denied.
The problem below illustrates this method, as well as the other methods previously discussed: Read More
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The History and Applications of Head-to-Head Comparisons Method Essay.
“The History and Applications of Head-to-Head Comparisons Method Essay”, n.d.
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