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These agencies were created in order to fight depression in the United States. They were created during Franklins first 100 days after he…
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New deal
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New Deal Programs New Deal Programs were part of U.S government agencies and were started as part of a new deal of the then president, Franklin Roosevelt. These agencies were created in order to fight depression in the United States. They were created during Franklins first 100 days after he commenced office in 1933.Others created in the 1930s were U.S Housing Authority, Federal Loan Agency. Others were created in 1940s for war and included Office for war information and the office of censorship.
Firstly, there was AAA whose full name was Agricultural Adjustment Act. This was created in the year 1933 and its purpose was to pay farmers for failure to plant crops so that surplus could be reduced and in turn increase demand for major farm produce and raise prices. They also protected farmers from drop in prices by providing other crop subsidies and reduce production (Reading 43). They would also provide educational programs in order to teach them ways of avoiding soil erosion.
CWA, its full name was Civil Works Administration and was created in the year 1933.It mainly dealt with construction jobs like school repairs, laying sewer pipes and building roads. The workers were paid an average of 15 dollars per week (Badger 19). The jobs in CWA were later criticized as useless and thus were disbanded in less than a year afterwards.
FSA, Farm Security Administration was founded in the year 1937.Formerly FSA was called Resettlement Administration. This new deal had been started to help sharecroppers. It had set temporary housing for Okies and Arkies who were refugees from Oklahoma and Arkansas and had migrated from California and came in search of work (Reading 44).
FDIC, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This was created by Glass-Steagall a banking reform Act year 1933.The purpose of establishment was to encourage savings in banks as well as restoring confidence. According to Badger, this was to insure the bank customers against loss of their money if the bank failed of up to 5000 US dollars (22).
FERA, Federal Emergency Relief Administration. It was created in the year 1933.It supported almost five million households every month and also funded thousands of projects for the unemployed (Reading 46). FERA also provided education for millions of poor people and also vaccinations.
FHA, Federal Housing Administration. It was created in the year 1934 and its main purpose was to stimulate building industry and provided loans for home construction (Badger 23). In the same year a program referred to as Home Owners Loan Corporation .It helped a lot in the construction and housing projects.
NYA, National Youth Administration.NYA was created in the year 1935 under Emergency Relief Act .It provided nearly 4.5 million jobs to the young people (Reading 51)
.NYA provided part time jobs to both college and to high school students.
SSA, Social Security Administration. It was created in the year 1935 and its aim was to administer a pension fund to the retired persons.SSA also provided assistance programs to the dependent mothers, children and those who were physically disabled. It also provided an insurance system for the unemployed. Pension was financed by a system called payroll tax in the year 1937 and is operational till today (Badger 24)
TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority and was created in the year 1933 for purposes of the development of Tennessee River watershed.TVA built dams in order to control flooding, increase agricultural produce, generate hydro-power, and revitalize Tennessee Valley Region(Reading 58) . This also provided services such as low-cost housing, reforestation and also providing jobs. It was the first to offer competition to private power industries.
REA, Rural Electrification Administration. Created in the year 1935 and gave cheap interest loans to cooperatives in order to bring power into communities. Before this new deal was started only a smaller percentage had electricity outside the towns and cities (Badger 26). REA had thus succeeded in rising to about 40 percent of the number of farms that had electricity.
In conclusion, some of these agencies were started by congress. Others were established following Roosevelt executive orders and others were part of some larger programs like many that belonged to Works Progress Administration. Some of these agencies are in action up to date, while some merged with others or were abolished, or some found unconstitutional. They helped the people a great deal.
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