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The End of Euro Disneys as a White-knuckle Ride - Essay Example

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The reporter states that EuroDisney, now referred to as Disneyland Europe, has experienced significant losses since the theme park was opened in the 1990’s. This report highlights two specific strategic scenarios on how best to make Disneyland Europe a success.  …
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The End of Euro Disneys as a White-knuckle Ride
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Download file to see previous pages It is not expected for growth in the European sector to be experienced until 2010 or 2011, which will require Disneyland Europe to find innovative methods to draw higher crowd volumes and ensure profit success. Additionally, rising commodity prices which will be felt in 2009 will seriously erode the potential for profitability in this year, with the business forced to cut costs where necessary and appropriate.
One publicity expert identifies that theme park industries are highly competitive and strategic success involves the volume of guests which pass through the entrance turnstile every day (Kohl, 2000: 48). Further, the author identifies that attendance is so widely important that many executive leaders have hourly tourist counts pumped into their mobile devices for the sake of tracking customer numbers (Kohl). This is especially true at Disneyland Europe which relies on customer volumes to generate annual profit. Getting higher sales volumes, however, in the midst of the current credit crunch requires understanding competitive behaviors whilst redesigning Disneyland Europe with a new, modernized logo to attract the contemporary consumer. Readjustments to marketing will be the proverbial saving grace for Disneyland Europe in the next five years.
In 2009, Disneyland Europe must make a stronger effort to understand its customers. Since over 40 percent of all customers are French, repositioning the EuroDisney brand to focus on French lifestyle can ensure a higher revenue stream during the current economic crisis. This will be increasingly difficult beyond 2008 and will require research into existing consumer behaviors in French markets. Snyder (2002) offers that the French tend to link Disneyland Europe with American culture, giving them a negative perception of “cultural imperialism” in which the theme park is attempting to force American lifestyle into a proud, French culture. Negative cultural perceptions must be eliminated whenever possible in the new marketing model.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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