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Irish Ferries Strategic Management - Case Study Example

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This section analyses of the company Irish Ferries, its goals, objectives, competitiveness, and strategies. The report also explores its business environment, and tries to identify its critical success factors.
Irish Ferries is part of the Irish Continental Group plc., a public limited company incorporated in Ireland…
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Irish Ferries Strategic Management
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Extract of sample "Irish Ferries Strategic Management"

Download file to see previous pages 1.4 PESTLE Analysis:

No adverse legislation in Ireland/ EU. Adverse legislations not expected in future.
Possibility of government subsidies to some routes in future.
Future legislation in foreign countries could benefit local ferries.
The company operates in peaceful zone; threat due to war and conflict is minimal.
Inter-country relationships are generally supportive; no major threat expected.
Global economic situation is adverse. Effect is less severe in EU; situation could improve in 18 months.
This could be an opportunity as users may prefer low cost ferries, which benefits Irish Ferries.
The customer segment varies from general industrial cargo to leisure travel; as such, business risk is diversified.
Taxation rates are mostly uniform across EU; double taxation avoidance treaty amongst most countries. However, differences exist in VAT rates; can be minimized by setting up a multi-national corporation structure.
Interest and exchange rate differences between EU countries (European Central Bank).
Roll-in roll-out segment promotes the trend of travelling with cars.
Consumer attitudes/ opinions and media views positive.
Established low cost plus quality brand image; "Best Ferry Company" eight years in a row.
Management style/ work culture of the company is professional.
The company has invested heavily state-of-the-art vessels.
The company provides web-based booking option to leverage sales.
Future bridge/ under water tunnel between Ireland England is a threat.
Technological advancement in operational aspects can generate more value.
Strategic tie-up with partners to enable seamless travel between Ireland and EU.
Changes in laws can affect business. However, no adverse laws...
It has invested over 500 million (Irish Ferries 2) in new fleet and port facilities, and has the most modern fleet in Europe. The fleet includes the Ulysses (world's largest car ferry), the Dublin Swift (high speed catamaran), the Isle of Inishmore, and the luxurious Oscar Wilde. During 2007, Irish Ferries carried 1.57 million passengers, and 405,000 cars with a total number of 4,289 sailings.
For eight years in a row, Irish Ferries has been voted Ireland's "Best Ferry Company". Its motto is "The Low Fares Ferry Company", reflecting its determination to offer customers the very best value ferry fares.
Taxation rates are mostly uniform across EU; double taxation avoidance treaty amongst most countries. However, differences exist in VAT rates; can be minimized by setting up a multi-national corporation structure.
The company sources services from several suppliers, whose collective bargaining power is not expected to be high. The company also sources high quality shipping equipment and spares from suppliers. Since these equipments (and especially spares) can be sourced only from limited sources, suppliers would posses some bargaining power. The overall bargaining power of suppliers is Medium-Low.
The customers are not organized in groups, and are not expected to have strong col ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Irish Ferries Strategic Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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