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The Eckero Group and the Problem of Effective Information Dissemination - Case Study Example

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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that efficient dissemination of information and the employment of effective communication are the methods through which entrepreneurial firms and commercial organizations manage and direct their endeavors and achieve their short- and long-term objectives…
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The Eckero Group and the Problem of Effective Information Dissemination
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Extract of sample "The Eckero Group and the Problem of Effective Information Dissemination"

Download file to see previous pages A simple intranet access management infrastructure that assimilates applications and platforms can generate vital and significant benefits for organizations trying to improve or enhance the use and management of their communication channels and digital identities. As a classic example, the use of a standard set of security protocols and the elimination of redundant identity stores can simplify infrastructure, reduce management efforts, enable single sign-on (SSO), and make security auditing easier.
Introduction Effective communication and efficient information dissemination are the approaches through which business firms and organizations synchronize their pursuits and accomplish their short- and long-term objectives. Perceptibly, technologies for managing and distributing information have changed over time, but its purpose and meaning required for a human organization have remained considerably coherent and dependable. The initiative to seek for ways to authenticate electronic requests and submissions is merely an attempt to meet the same needs that seal, signature comparison, and notary publics met in the paper world. As it is, the need to secure information on networks is exactly the same need that led to sealing wax and armed guards in previous eras using paper media. However, security requirements are not the only reasons that motivate and drive organizations to manage their information. If the information does not facilitate some further use that provides value, then there is no need to secure it. Basically, organizational information carries with it content that leads to action which either means a gain or a loss of resources.
Customarily, an organization strengthens its capacity to organize and direct these resources by dividing among numerous individuals the work necessary to achieve its objective. For the organization to be effective, activities and its progress must be synchronized and highly coordinated. As it is, a vital justification for the distribution and allotment of information within organizations is the conformity and management of these objectives and divergent tasks.
Consistency of information is a crucial necessity for successful coordination. It is not a positive development if the existence and location of vital information stays unknown to those who need it, likewise, it is not very helpful and efficient if a team tries to reach and consensus when every member is operating from a different information base that may be conflicting or irreconcilable with the others on the team. It is a fact that data more often than not gets stale that keeping it current is an imperative necessity. At present, most organizational structures and processes have been made sophisticated to solve the problems intrinsic with paper-based information.
Information currency and integrity are much simpler problems when the content does not change often, activities being coordinated are not that big or complicated and the information is centrally collected and distributed. However, these are not common characteristics of most businesses today. The distributed environments more commonly found at present need to be able to synchronize information in a distinct and novel way which requires a different set of management structures and processes that most organizations have inherited. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Effective Information Dissemination Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Effective Information Dissemination Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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