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The purpose of the following essay "General Electric: Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies" is to describe the business activity vision statement and values outline at the General Electric which is a manufacturing and service company with a dedication to achieving global leadership…
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General Electric: Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages A vision has always been with an organization or an individual. But, for the past several years, there has been growing interest in the concept of organizational vision. Business leaders used the organization's vision as an element to motivate their employees. A vision must be achievable, clear, motivating, exciting and inspirational which could enable a team to focus on the future. By stating a vision, organizations create their future. A shared vision is a compelling portrait of a promised land that inspires enthusiasm and excitement in people when they come to work. That is what distinguishes shared vision from mission, strategy, and values. The organization's mission determines what people do when they arrive at their workplace. It answers the question "why do we exist" The organization's strategy responds to how they will do it. Finally, values provide a critical guide for interactions and relationships with staff, peers, customers, vendors, and all other stakeholders. (Lewis 1997, pg 9). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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