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INTRODUCTION Career development and appropriate planning are essential for acquiring career growth and accomplishing the targets which lead towards acquiring a reputable position. The career placement and planning are significant for pursuing the career. The employees while performing the job must emphasize on consistent learning, maintain flexibility, and they must look five years ahead…
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Download file to see previous pages Loyalty and vision are both essential and provide employees with a pursuing path. In this report, an elaborate study will be presented which will determine the responsibilities and performance of the employees. Besides this, analysis will also signify the need for developing interpersonal and transferable skills. The organizations require that the employees work together and develop the strategies which help them in appropriate problem solving. All these studies signify the need for developing self-awareness and promote teamwork. This highlights the skills of individuals and presents a conclusion which proposes the ways through which useful human resource can be gathered by the organization. TASK # 1: DETERMINE OWN RESPONSIBILITIES AND PERFORMANCE 1.1 MANCHESTER COLLEGE LIP FOR DEVELOPING RESPONSIBILITIES AND PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES Performance monitoring process is essential for individuals as it helps them in defining the career scope. The individuals require appropriate planning for setting goals and performing all the relevant actions required for progressing. Measuring the activities must be done through adequate planning, implementing, monitoring and reviewing the plan. This requires evaluating the needs, measuring impact and designing the services which are required for progressing within the relevantly designed model. (ACC, 2009) The measure of the responsibilities and performance makes the individual aware of the plan of action required to follow. Defining the scope of development can be done through the use of this model. For the individuals, the plan should be structured using all the available information which has been provided through the LIP model provided at the Manchester College. Three Months Acquire the expertise which reflects on the Academic performance. Plan and structure goals acquired for the future. Assess the current situation and develop an understanding of the goals which need to be acquired. Categorize the significance of job and align it with the course which is being studied. Assess the support required for learning. Six Months The course learned and its relevant application with the job. Compare all the skills which include interpersonal and communication skills and how they may assist in acquiring the gains in the future. Prepare for the studies ahead of time after reviewing the date of the curriculum. Prepare for the assessment and rate the course preparation while studying the course. Nine Months Acquire complete knowledge and skills required for the training. Measure the competencies and further develop the skills keeping in mind the SMART goals. Enhance the technical knowledge and skills. Set own personal targets and ensure that no compromise is made while acquiring those targets. The performance objectives developed from the model will assist with the progress and create a whole new level of competence. 1.2 ACTION PLAN USING THE SMART TARGETS Goal setting is an essential process for completing the goals. It is effective as it identifies all the facets and highlights all the hurdles which may arise during the success phase. The individual goals which are made determine the accomplishment of the strategic goals. The goal setting theory is one of the most influential and practical theories. Thousands of companies across the globe use this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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