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Research methodologies, section of Philosophy,Subjectivity,Objectivety and Ethical consideration - Essay Example

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3.3 Research Philosophy Research philosophies are the collection of different phenomenon and perceptions of different school of thoughts in research who have some distinctive features. Their distinction is devised by the differences in research methodologies, procedures, structure and designing of hypothesis…
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Research methodologies, section of Philosophy,Subjectivity,Objectivety and Ethical consideration
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Download file to see previous pages Interpretivist believes that thorough analysis can only be conducted in the natural settings of the study while the researcher participates in this natural environment and interprets its subjective understandings. Interpretivist further argue social research has multiple dimensions and according to their research philosophy the effects of researchers own opinion and effects of researcher’s presence upon study cannot be neglected. They concede that knowledge has multiple facets of reality while with the intervention of the researcher, the environmental settings multiply and many aspects come to the screen which help in accessing more and more scientific knowledge. These multiple realities can be explored by multiple structured processes but their interpretations are very difficult to explore because they have interdependent epistemologies (Lincoln & Guba, 1985). Now this intermingled knowledge can be accessed through examining the social construction of the settings and through subjective interpretations which is the backbone of interpretivism doctrine (CARSON, 2001).). It implies that interpretivists design researches considering the social structures and values of the environment under study which makes the research structure and methodology to be more flexible and judgmental because interpretivist attempt to get through multiple dimensions of the research. In order to design a humanly interactive research model which can perceive multiple realities; the interpretivists come in contrast with positivists who focus more empirical analysis. Interpretivist researcher like other researchers also have prior insight of the research topic but as their belief assert the concept of multiple, complex and unpredictable realities; they don’t rely on prescribed research design rather they have the perception to adapt interactive and collaborative ideas according to the natural social construction of reality. This sense of adaptability among interpretivists mark their research authenticity with the belief of human ability to adapt and explore multiple realities with the passage of time and experience (Hudson and Ozanne, 2005). Positivists try to explore cause and effect of any study and then generalize the estimated result over the whole population while interpretivists struggle to examine specific human and social emerging behaviors such as in a society if death of an individual has taken place, interpretivists will analyze the motives, reasons, timing and context of mourn in the society and then will specify their cultural and traditional epistemology in the process (Hudson and Ozanne 1988). Philosophy of interpretivism assert that human and social behavior cannot be generalized because sociological dealings are way different than natural sciences. Interpretivism further assert that social reality and epistemology is not out there to be collected rather it has to be explored through subjective analysis. Philosophical base of Interpretivism states that in examining social reality and knowledge objectivity has no place while positivist contrastingly support that seeing is believing. 3.3.2 Positivism: Positivism is the philosophical doctrine of social science research which follows the belief that social research should be conducted on the methods of natural sciences (Heywood; 2000). Positivists believe that knowledge is out there and that is required ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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