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Family Business - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Module Date Family Business Family businesses function as big contributors to the national economy of any nation. Moreover, due to the way that they are created, they face unique challenges that do not affect ordinary corporate organizations…
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Family Business Research
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"Family Business"

Download file to see previous pages The other family members in family-run businesses do not often accord the same level of respect to the decisions made by their siblings or relatives who may be in charge of the family business. Many times, siblings will overrule the decision of a sibling who was chosen by the parents to hold a position of authority. This shows a lack of structure that is vital in ensuring that organizations realize their goals. This lack of structure is also to blame for the procrastination of important tasks within an organization. Procrastination can result in delayed succession planning which is detrimental to a company. According to the family business survey, which was meant to assess different how the different functions in family-run businesses are conducted, only 12% of the reviewed family businesses had documented plans dealing with succession planning (The Family Business Survey, 5). This is somewhat better than the survey of Australian KPMG and Family Businesses, conducted to further understand the success of family businesses, which established that 80.7% of respondent family businesses did not have any succession planning program in effect (KPMG and Family Business Australia Survey of Family Businesses, 3). ...
Another common concern is favoritism. According to a family survey conducted in the UK, it was discovered that 18% of the respondents felt that their lives were in some way hampered by their responsibilities towards the family business. 17% of the respondents also affirmed that it is easy for business disagreements to bet in the way of building strong family relationships (The Family Business Survey, 4). There were similar findings from the According to CBIA/UCONN Family Business Program Survey, which established that only 31% of the participants felt that the responsibilities were fairly allocated (Rathgeber and Nino, 12). The accusation of favoritism is common in most family organizations and can sometimes interfere with realizing organizational objectives. The employment of qualified workers is another issue that often causes misunderstandings within family run businesses. For the most part, the children or relatives of people who launch successful businesses expect that they will hold positions of authority in the said businesses even if they may not be qualified for them (Miller and Le Breton-Miller, 39). However, for any business to succeed, it requires the input of skilled workers who are trained in professional institutions. Sometimes, parents have to hire workers from outside the family in order to keep their companies afloat while placating their children with junior positions. According to the Family Business Survey, 61% of the respondents had 2 or 3 relations who worked in the family-run companies (Family Business Survey, 7). The Australia KPMG and Family Business Survey’s results indicated that 40% of the surveyed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Family Business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 2.
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Family Business
...& Kellermanns 2006; Lee 2006). The fact that this segment of the economy is facing an impending crisis is disquieting, particularly in view of the fact that there is little governmental assistance for family business owners to resolve the emerging threat successfully. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the theory of family business, examine the crucial role of the family system in family business, and determine whether the adaptation of executive coaching can successfully support leadership transition in family enterprises. The Theory of Family...
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Family Business
...? The Proposal Form Programme:. B.Sc. Business Management. Academic Year: 11 Project Governance issues in a family business. Overall Aim: The research paper intends to discuss governance issues in a family business considering the conflicts and advantages involved. Specific Objectives. (Research objectives, tentative hypotheses/research questions.) Effective governance in a family business is what makes that business successful. It is vital for the family and the owners of the business to implement efficient governance...
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Family Business
...?Contents Contents CHAPTER I 3 Introduction 3 Background of the Study 4 Research Questions 5 Objectives of the Research 5 Significance of the Study6 Assumptions of the Study 6 Structure of the Research 7 CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW 8 Introduction 8 Family Business: Its Nature and Scale 9 A Look Into Governance 12 The Agency Theory 13 Stewardship Theory 16 Family Business Governance 17 Family Business Governance and Agency Theory 18 Family Business Governance and Stewardship Theory 20 The Issues 21 Proposed Solution to the Issues 22 Chapter 3...
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Family Business
...& Williams, M. 1999, A Resource-Based Framework for Assessing the Strategic Advantages of Family Firms. The Best of FBR II. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 26/05/2013]. Walsh, G. 2011, Family Business Succession Managing the All-Important Family Component. KPMG Enterprise. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 26/05/2013]. Sharma, P et al 2009, Strategic Management of the Family Business: Past...
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Family Business Research
...? Family Business Research Overview Family businesses depict the traditional way of steering the business with regard to private sector. In recent scenario, family business is attracting an accelerated mass populace. This enhanced as well as accelerated attention is caused due to the awareness in terms of the contributions in economic as well as societal developments by the family businesses. In accordance with family business, there exists a crucial bonding amid the family as well as the business. As a matter of fact, the main feature of the family business is to keep a focus on long-term profitability instead of short-term returns. The various types of family business entail companies, partnerships as well as limited liability... ...
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Family Business Research
... Details: Due Family Business Research There are numerous organizations in different parts of the world that started off as family-run businesses. Some of the more famous ones include the Ford Motor Corporation, Playboy, Tata Corporation in India, House of Gucci, Samsung Group, and the Foxconn Corporation in Taiwan. Most family-run businesses experience challenges in matters concerning organizational structure and succession. It is not surprising that once a company is successful; there comes the challenge of re-invention so as to remain relevant. This is one area where family members can defer on how to take the company forward because, for the organization to progress, there needs to be a re-evaluation of the management methods... , and the...
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Family business research
...?Family Business Research INTRODUCTION Today, the national economic structures have become increasingly depended on the sustainability of family businesses, while a similar context is also observable in the eastern regions of the globe where family businesses are oriented in a more informal manner, inclusive under the Governmental and the societal provisions. It is worth mentioning in this context that with the growing uniformity in the global context, with respect to the structuring and legalization of family businesses, these firms have to witness significant challenges. THESIS...
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Family Business that many of the current successful company. Many of these companies were started by a family but later were sold to the public. In a family business the level of outside employees is limited and the family members are involved in the running of the business. Even in place where the external members are involved, the top positions of running the business are allocated to the family members. Some of the most successful family business includes Cargill, Ford Motor Company, Koch Industries, Mills Fleet Farm, Tetra Park, and others. 3It has been shown that a business...
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Family Business Research
...Running Head: FAMILY BUSINESS RESEARCH Family Business Research of the of the Family Business Research In this paper we compare traditional Norwegian family businesses in the process of modernization with modern British business families who are reinventing traditional solutions. What we find is a striking similarity between quite different sectors in two different countries. The results indicate that the modern British industrial strategy of promoting flexibility and entrepreneurship implies reinvention of traditional...
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Family business
...In a family business it is essential to measure the performance o individuals both belonging to the family and non family members for many reasons such as succession planning, hiring of management at the top level etc. At Benson Electrics when the CEO and founder, Buck Benson passed away, he did not make a proper succession planning as to who out of his three children from two different wives, would succeed him. It was due to performance indicators such as skill based performance financial performance under each child and their interpersonal skills; the company was able to decide who would be the next CEO of the company (Harvard business Review) Key...
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