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Social Performance of a Company, Part 2 - Research Paper Example

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Social Performance of a Company Name Professor Business and Society Date The rising influence of external forces and non-governmental organizations in the U.S that primarily emerged in the latter part of 1970s prompted several businesses and corporations across the country to establish necessary ethical guidelines and comprehensive frameworks to permit the regulation of corporations in an ethical, principled and sustainable manner (Florini 2009)…
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Social Performance of a Company, Part 2
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Download file to see previous pages Thereby, my organization titled Tencel Corporation intends to put into effect a comprehensive and effective code of conduct that abides by the principles established by the United States Sentencing Commission (2012) guidelines chapter 8 section 8B2.1.with regards to an effectual compliance and ethics plan. Tencel Corporation operates in the communications services industry, our business activity is governed by the purpose of achieving our primary corporate objectives which are profit maximization and maintaining shareholder value. The achievement of the aforementioned corporate objectives however must be met by conforming to ethical guidelines and developing a successful decision-making process which takes into account the interests of both the shareholders and stakeholders of the company. For the purposes of designing the code of conduct for Tencel Corporation, the codes of conduct of three key companies within the communications services industry will be assessed, these companies include AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink. The code of conduct created by AT&T aligns the responsibilities of the members of the organization and expects all employees to obey to the guidelines that have been designed to promote the concept of integrity within the business environment (AT&T 2013). AT&T understands that its foremost commitment should be towards upholding honesty in all operations and activities of the organization which is the foundation of the implementation of AT&T’s code of conduct (AT&T 2013). According to Chapter 8 section 8B2.1. of the United States Sentencing Commission (2012) guidelines a company is expected to advance an organizational culture that is based on the promotion of ethical standards and obedience of governmental legislations and laws, however, the establishment of an organizational culture based on the aforementioned principles is not explicitly observable in the code of conduct developed by AT&T even though a significant portion of the ethical guidelines propagate the creation of an inclusive workplace environment (AT&T 2013). On the contrary, Verizon advocates the sustenance of an organizational culture based on integrity (Verizon) while at CenturyLink, the management intends to internalize and incorporate the ‘Unifying Principles’ of the company within each and every member of the CenturyLink team in order to establish an organizational culture which rests on the fundamentals on which the company was founded (CenturyLink). The code of conducts of all three organizations that were assessed for the purposes of this assessment maintain a non-retaliation policy and all of the properties of the companies such as the assets, intellectual property, reputation, brand name and research are protected by the placement of several measures that are explained in the code of conducts designed by Verizon and CenturyLink, however, AT&T’s policies with regards to the protection of its assets are not defined in a clear manner. Practices related to employee placement, working conditions, diversity and health and safety regulations are also addressed (AT&T 2013; Verizon; CenturyLink). Bethoux et al. (2007) note that an analysis of the code of condu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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