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Occupational Health and Safety - Essay Example

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Occupational Health and Safety Name Professor Institution Course Date Cause of accidents at work palace As much as people get to their work places there is risk of getting body injuries due the activities involving work. They usually affect the functions of one to performing his daily duties…
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Occupational Health and Safety
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, this may lead to injuries caused by human error. Once a person is exhausted, he or she requires time to rest in order for the mind to focus on the tasks at hand. The fatigue is often as a result of an employee overworking in order to get the favor of the management which pushes them to work beyond their limits (CCH Australia Limited., 2009). This results to overworking and hence getting tired. The other reason for occupational accidents is a tight working schedule which may force employees to work beyond their capacities just because the management has established tight deadlines. An overworking employee has often end up getting fatigued because their bodies work under tight pressure. A perfect example is whereby an employee working at a steel company is given a time duration of more than eight hours for the completion of a task. This is like using humans like robots. This will reduce his attention at his or her duties in the end he may accidentally place his hand in the smelted steel thus causing body harm. The other cause of injuries at work place is stress which comes as a result of a poor working environment or problems at home (Burke, Clarke & Cooper, 2012). Stress at the workplace may be as a result of lack of payment or even delayed payment. For instance, a worker who was supposed to be paid within a week has had her payment delayed and has been anticipating it for over two weeks when management decides to make a lower amount of pay or even fails to do so without placing reasons. Obviously, the employee will experience stress because there are bills to be covered with little or no money. Stress may lead to less concentration during working hours and this may lead to workplace injuries in form of accidents from improper use of machines or even missed quality issues. Collision is the other cause of accidents in workplaces. The collision between people and machines or objects at the workplace may result in injuries. Such accidents may result from poor set up within the working environment which limits movement of people as well as machines. Equipment may be placed in positions that may cause collisions during movement. For instance, someone carrying a box while ascending the stairs may hit the roof because it is very low resulting in a fall (Burke, Clarke & Cooper, 2012). Statistics show that conflicts do occur at work place in that employee may fight at the long run this may lead to body arm to the affected parties. This makes work related fights as the other cause of injury in workplaces. If they are not stopped in the right manner it may attract more groups hence people getting involve. The other cause of injuries in is slips due to slippery ground they may result due to the companies’ structures. The other cause is the most famous ignorance; this may be as a result to ignorance of safety rules. The workers may find themselves being injured due to their ignorance. Measures should be taken in order to deal with the accidents (Burke, Clarke & Cooper, 2012). First the setting up the workplace in away that collusions and slips are minimized. The high of the roof should be high to avoid knocks. Second safety measures should be but in place in that protective clothing and gloves are worn to prevent spillage of chemicals that may corrode ones body. Also counseling should be done to deal with stress and depression by the employees. Lastly the company should adopt a culture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Occupational Health and Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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