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BUS599 - Integrative Project, Mod 4 Case Assignment Introduction The study has been done in lieu to analyze the outputs produced by an organization using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model. It is a widely used model for diagnosing organizational behavior…
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BUS599 - Integrative Project, Mod 4 Case Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages The model views an organization as a summation of different components that interact with each other. The model advocates that the success or failure of an organization is dependent on the effective functioning or dysfunction f the components; i.e. the degree of congruence of fitness among the components. As per the objectives the outputs of an organization on three different levels; such as over all organizational level, group level and at last but not the least at the individual level would be analyzed by using the Convergence Model. The organization chosen is: Whole Foods Market (Anderson, 2011). Company Overview Whole Foods Market is an Austin Texas based food retailer. The company sells natural organic products. The company has come a long way since the humble beginnings in the year 1980. Today the company is believed to be a leader in organic foods industry. It has over three hundred stores in UK and North America. Outputs at the organizational level As discussed before Whole Foods Market provides healthy organic foods to the customers. The product line of the company can be categorized as; 365 Everyday Value products provide valued prices on each day of the year. Exclusive products include new products launched by the company in the market. Premium body care products include personal care products that meet strict quality and environmental guidelines. The rest of the two members of the whole Foods Market include Whole Foods Market and Whole foods trade. In order to analyze the overall organizational output of the company three key factors needed to be considered such as overall goal attainment, efficiency in resource utilization and ability to adapt to different environment. The overall goal attainment will be discussed at the end of this segment as it is believed to be a dependent over the other two factors. The resources of the company can be categorized in to dimensions such as human resource, reputation and innovation resource. When it comes to human resource Whole Foods has really managed to excel in that department. It is quite difficult to measure knowledge. But going by customer loyalty and trust among the customers it can be summed up as an output of the knowledge and efficiency of the customers. The harmonious and beneficial relation of the company doesn’t end with the customers only. The same could be said about the suppliers also. Whole has managed to grab the number one spot when it comes to innovation. The health related movements has helped the company to promote the concept of healthy lifestyle among diverse age groups. Whole Foods have managed to create value of its own kind as far as reputation is concerned as the company has been able to develop an image of reliability. As far as ability to adapt to different condition is concerned the results speak for it. From the humble beginnings the company has expanded its business across the borders successfully. This only happens to be by product of the ability of the company to adapt to different conditions successfully. The organic food business is a large and growing industry. In the initial days the awareness of the products among the people was very low. Whole Foods played a key role in creating health related awareness among the people which has lead to the growth of the business. The market is expected to grow over the years. And it is needless to say that the company has is the leading market share holder of the industry. The third quarter earnings of the company increased by 32%. The sales stores increased ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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