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Human resource management is a branch of management that deals in development of an organization’s workforce, sustaining the developed community and improving its potentials towards realization of organizational objectives. …
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HRM focus: Maintaining a system
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HRM focus: Maintaining a system Introduction Human resource management is a branch of management that deals in development of an organization’s workforce, sustaining the developed community and improving its potentials towards realization of organizational objectives. While human resource system creation involves recruitment and hiring processes, maintenance involves sustaining a physically and psychologically healthy workforce and improvements entail training and developing an organization’s workforce. In this paper, I discuss how I, as a leader, can utilize human resource management aspects of maintaining a system, in the most appropriate way to ensure realization of an organization’s goals. Utilization of human resource management to maintain a system Given a leadership position in an organization, I can majorly apply two techniques to maintaining a human resource system. These would be taking measures to ensure employees’ physical health through observance of safety standards and through attractive reward and benefit offers. Employees’ physical health is an important element to their productivity because it affects both their effectiveness and efficiency. Injured or sick employees are forced out of work or may report lower production levels besides exposing other workers to risk of injury. This identifies significance of ensuring a healthy system as a strategy towards maintain a workforce for productivity goals. As an organization’s president, I would, through a transactional leadership role, therefore empower supervisors and influence them to be vigilant in ensuring that employees observe set security measures. I would first train the supervisors on how to understand employees’ diversified behaviors for identification of the employees’ motivators and how to develop rapport with employees to facilitate motivational initiatives (Johnson, 2009). I would further identify the role of ensuring safety of the work environment as one of the supervisors’ core responsibilities, a strategy to empowering them because responsibility is associated with successful implementation of initiatives. In this approach, I would only interact with the human resource department through supervisors whom I would give the sole responsibility of influencing their subordinates towards safe practices. The human resource department will therefore have the sole responsibility of implementing the organization’s safety measures but I would occasionally conduct patrol checks to reinforce the human resource management’s initiatives (Beaudoin, 2012). These approaches are likely succeed in maintaining a healthy system because as Juana recounts from personal experience, a supervisor’s ability to understand subordinates and to develop an interactive environment with them influences desired behaviors (2013). With the increasingly competitive business environment and the need to optimize efficiency and effectiveness among employees, such empowerment into safety will likely be widely practiced and will expand the economy (Johnson, 2009; Beaudoin, 2012). I would however more significantly rely on the human resource department, in determining employees’ benefits and rewards, another human resource management tool to ensure maintenance of an efficient and effective system. Human resource, unlike other resources, is psychologically susceptible to environmental factors and employees compare work conditions to those in other organizations, a factor that identifies the need to understand employees’ expectations, trends in an organization’s sector and the organization’s financial potentials to motivate its workers. I would therefore use my knowledge of available strategies to rewarding and compensating employees and the trends in such motivational factors as an outline for determining the best reward and benefits approaches that would meet employees’ anticipated utility levels. I would then conduct an internal research among supervisors and team leaders on their subordinates behavior and response to already developed reward and benefits initiatives. Further, I would investigate, through the supervisors and team leaders, of our employees’ perception of other organizations’ reward approaches and the employees’ expectations from the organization. I would then evaluate received responses and compare with the current trend in the industry to adjust our rewards and benefits to employees’ expectations. The approach would therefore incorporate the human resource department’s efforts and opinions and would likely succeed in maintaining the quantity, quality, and positive perception of the human resource system (Howard and Dougherty, 2004; Hanson, 2009). It would therefore reduce, or even mitigate, employee mobility. Effects of influencing implementation of suitable reward and compensation strategy also identifies organization’s appreciation of employees’ worth and therefore establishes a strong relationship between employees and their organizations (Howard and Dougherty, 2004; Hanson, 2009). Conclusion Human resource is a sensitive element of an organization’s assets and managers need to implement strategic measures for creating, maintaining, and developing human resource systems. As an organization’s president, I would be indirectly involved in implementing safety measures and would instead empower supervisors enforce the measures effectively towards employees’ safety. I would however play an active role together with the human resource department in determining competitive rewards and remuneration approaches. I generate ideas from the department and then compare with industrial trends before adopting suitable strategies. These approaches would maintain an effective and efficient personnel system. References Beaudoin, S. Using responsibility-based strategies to empower in service physical education and health teachers to learn and implement TPSR. Agora for PE and Sport 14(2). 161- 177. Hanson, F. (2009). Currents in Compensation Benefits. Compensation Benefits Review (41)5. 6-19. Howard, Larry, and Dougherty, Thomas. (2004) Alternative reward strategies and employee reactions. Compensation & Benefits Review 36(4). Johnson, W. (2009) How to get supervisors to sell safety "What we have here is a failure to communicate." Industrial Safety & Hygiene News 43(10), 88-89. Juana. Discussion response. Read More
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HRM Focus: Maintaining a System Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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