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Diversity at Work ( race and religion) - Research Paper Example

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Like different flowers with various colors enhance the beauty of a garland, employees from diverse cultural and religious background increase enterprise value of an organization, and its corporate culture attract new talents…
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Diversity at Work ( race and religion)
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Download file to see previous pages In order to exploit this opportunity for the peaceful labor relations and growth of the company, the management should establish long term diversity goals with the aim of improving employer-employee partnership on a long term basis. Thiederman (2008, p. 188) states that although entering into conversations about diversity-related tension and bias can be challenging and frightening, the benefits far outweigh the risks. More than anything else, such conversations serve an important educational function. The unique qualities and strengths of the different groups enhance the enterprise value of an organization, if they are harnessed to increase overall efficiency in an organization. Therefore, management strategies should aim to facilitate exchange of information through proper communication, discussions and conversations within the organization. According to the Wall Street Journal, the management should provide diversity training in the workplace and all employees should understand that hiring decisions are based on finding the best candidate and not by quotas. This will enhance the confidence level among the employees. In the wake of globalization and liberalization in various countries of the world, the business undertakings need introspection into their human resources management strategies. ...
2) state, “In 2000, 19% of the US resident population was non-white; in 2020, 22.4% is expected to be non-white; …” When it is analyzed with reference to employment in the organizations, data related the government departments or establishment will be useful and reliable because they are maintained in accordance with a set of government rules to highlight the representation of different sections of the society and minorities in employment. US General Accounting Office (2003, p. 2) in its report stated that according to the USPS data, in the USPS career employee workforce the representation of minorities and women in the workforce remained fairly constant, about 36 and 38 percent, respectively. (Appendix – II, USPS Career Employee Workforce Representation by Race/Ethnicity and Gender, Fiscal Years 2000 through 2002) Therefore, the representation of various social groups in employment reflects the progress in this area for the nation as a whole. A company should formulate its human resources management strategy taking into account the environment and its relative position within the industry in the area of diversity at work. Proper mix of the labor need to be worked out based on the product and customer profile, the geographical spread of the business and the existing management structure. Diversity goals  Measuring the success of an organization in achieving its diversity goals is based on several factors such as retention level, labor turnover in various social groups in the organization, absenteeism, proportion of various social groups in the management positions. (Appendix – I, Diversity Indicators) Diversity at work is not restricted to the lower levels but include all levels in the management ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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