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The Value and Importance of Training - Research Paper Example

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The Value and Importance of Training the the the Table of Contents Introduction – About Company 3 Current Trends in Training and Development and the most appropriate training selection for FedEx 3 Best ways of applying the training strategies in FedEx 5 Guidelines of a learning, motivation, and performance improvement strategy for FedEx 6 Conclusion 7 References 9 Introduction – About Company Federal Express, better known as FedEx, is a company based in the United States; it provides logistics services to other companies…
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The Value and Importance of Training
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Download file to see previous pages In the year 1980, the company had abandoned a joint service with British Airways, in which BW was supposed to fly a concord to Ireland and Shannon with packages of FedEx onboard, subsequent to which FedEx would fly the packages to the different points of delivery in Europe. FedEx Corp later on acquired Kinko's Inc. to expand its retail access to the public in general. Being a technologically driven organization, its competitive strength lies in the technical aspect, as well as skills and expertise that it nurtures. The project seeks to bring forth the different training approaches that can be implemented in the organization for sustaining its competitive strengths and position in the market. Along with this, it provides a description of the best ways of applying the training strategies in the organization (FedEx Corp, 2012, p.7-8). ...
Some of the critical trends noted in the recent training programs in organizations are the adoption of a performance consulting strategy; constant monitoring and evaluation of results to monitor performance; and a just-in-time approach in training. The current trend in such activities is identified as being in alignment and associated with the long-term strategic objectives of the organizations. They are focused on the strategic and competitive strengths of the organization and are aimed at accomplishing long-term goals and objectives (Laird, Naquin, & Holton, 2003, p.77). The present training and developmental programs in FedEx must first address the gap or discrepancy between the firm’s current level of performance and that which is desired. This includes making analysis of the basic level of performance of employees according to their detailed job description and key result areas (KRAs). Since FedEx is largely a technologically driven organization, it must update itself on the current trends in technology and services. Training must necessarily concentrate on the technical competencies and skills of employees and delivered as per their performance levels. This also includes taking into account the forecasted technical skill requirements in the organization. Another current trend in training programs noted in organizations is that they are largely concentrated on the behavioral aspects in addition to skills building. This is also geared towards adding value to the competitiveness of the organization at large. Behavioral modifications are desired in FedEx to bring about greater tenacity and motivation level at the workplace, stress and time management, team building, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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