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How the Digital Transformed our Experiences of Art and Design - Essay Example

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Name Institution Date How the Digital Transformed Our Experiences of Art and Design With the coming of the 21st century, there has been witnessed an onslaught in technological advances in the fields of art and design. These advances have in turn influenced our lives by conquering the communication between individuals in society (Johnson, 2012)…
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How the Digital Transformed our Experiences of Art and Design
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Download file to see previous pages Digital imaging has impacted various disciplines within the fields of art and design that range from painting, photography and the making of prints (Heller & Womack, 2007). Despite the fact that these technologies are expensive, they have helped students engaging in these fields to effectively practice their skills (Johnson, 2012). This has been enabled with the invention of software like Abode Photoshop and various other engineering drawing programs like Auto-CAD (Lockwood, 2009). Digital technologies used in paintings have been utilized for purposes of stimulating the painted marks by providing optical illusions (Museum Education Roundtable, 2003). There are computer programs like painter that have been designed for making clever tricks including automating the paintings of photographs (Susanka, 2004). They have brought about our ability to clearly differentiate the color values in images displayed on monitors with the advancements that are being made by several companies like Apple Mackintosh (Johnson, 2012). The advances that have been made in digital technology have continuously given students in art along with design colleges’ greater opportunities in producing high quality works in two or three dimensions (Heller & Womack, 2007). ...
The other risks that could arise from digital technologies result from the attribution of aesthetic elements to the artists and designers utilizing them (Friesinge, Grenzfurthner & Ballhausen, 2012). Recently there have been increases in the use of digital technologies which have resulted in the over influencing of the qualities of the final images desired through different processes that are semi-automated (Susanka, 2004). The use of modern digital applications may influence the assessment of diverse final outcomes in various works of art and designing by the viewers or users despite the fact that they may be faulty (Boomen, Lammes & Lehmann, 2009). Digital information enables designers and artists to independently express a wide variety of ideas with enthusiasm along with perseverance (Clark & Brody, 2009). Independent judgments are also enabled through the use of critical vocabulary that show a clear comprehension of the complex issues that may be involved in a situation (Heller & Womack, 2007). The technologies additionally help designers and artists to properly explore the processes that are involved in various the experiments they may carry out (Johnson, 2012). These experiments may be used for testing the strengths of different models by designers, the risks encountered after their implementation along with their effects on the surrounding (Museum Education Roundtable, 2003). The use of these technologies can therefore be said to have facilitated the creation of safer habitats for people along with better presentations by artists in their exhibitions (Susanka, 2004). Through the use of digital technologies, artists and designers have been able to clearly expound on complex issues that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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