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Personal Development Plan: Interview with My Boss Sam - Essay Example

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Name Class Professor Date Personal Development Plan: Interview with my boss Sam Pre-interview preparation This part of the Personal Development Plan requires me to gather primary source of information through an interview with somebody in authority. The person who will be the subject of my interview is Sam, my own boss…
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Personal Development Plan: Interview with My Boss Sam
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Download file to see previous pages The business aspect that I chose to interview my boss with is the marketing aspect. I chose marketing aspect for several reasons. First, our company, being a distributor in the US relies heavily on marketing. Basically, marketing is our lifeblood. If our marketing effort will fail, the company will surely fold and it follows that we will lose our job. I do not want to lose a business again having had the experience of a failed business when me and friends started a chain of restaurants. Not only that all of the money were gone, but also left us unemployed. I do not want that to happen again in this company so this interview will provide me an opportunity to know what should be done so that I can avoid that similar circumstance from ever happening again. That would be a very difficult situation to everybody including me because the industry is very small and it is difficult to find employment at this level. Besides, it would be difficult to complete a doctorate degree without employment because I would have no job to support my finances and academic cases as well. Having the experience of knowing how my boss approached the marketing aspect will tremendously help me become more effective in the company after seeing the “bigger picture” coming from the boss himself. ...
This interview will provide an invaluable insight on how things should be done effectively in marketing our product which is perfume. I structure the interview like a report. But of course I will establish rapport first and break the ice in the first few minutes of our interview so that my boss will become more comfortable in relating how he does the marketing component of the office. Then I would ask him about the cosmetic industry later and going to the perfume industry in particular. Afterwhich I will ask him about the macroeconomic environment of our industry that could make or unmake our company. This would include competition, government regulation, changing preference, fads and perhaps even the threat of substitution. After he has given the macroeconomic environment of the industry, I would ask how sees the company stacking against it. Is he optimistic or he fears that the environment and competition may assign us into oblivion? Asking what the future holds for the company would be also be an excellent follow up question because it would determine my future with the company. After talking about the positive aspect of the company, it would be high time to talk about challenges. After citing the challenges that confronted the company, I would then ask my boss how he overcame it. And finally, the uncomfortable question what were those challenges that he failed to surmount. Post interview The interview was indeed fruitful as anticipated. I have to admit I learned a lot from my boss. The interview accelerated my learning process about the job. It was as if taking several years of class in MBA. Indeed experience perfects knowledge. One of the most useful insight he recommended to me on how to improve the business aspect of the company is how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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