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Conflict in the Organizations Conflict is a disagreement that exists in many organizations and between individuals due to differences in ideologies. The causes of conflict are always varied and they differ from one person to another or from one organization to the other…
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The Conflict in the Organization
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Conflict in the Organizations Conflict is a disagreement that exists in many organizations and between individuals due to differences in ideologies.The causes of conflict are always varied and they differ from one person to another or from one organization to the other. The objectives of this paper is to look at the different types of conflict, their causes, how to solve the conflicts, and the different levels of conflict. Summary Conflict is as a way of discordance that is instigated by the real or apparent opposition of wants, morals, and welfares between individuals working together. Various forms of conflict exist in organizations. DiGirolamo (2007) defines conflict as “a process that begins when an individual or a group perceives differences and opposition between itself and another individual or group about interests and resources, beliefs values, or practices that matter to them.” DiGirolamo (2007) carried out a cross sectional survey of the causes of conflicts, the different levels of conflict, and their resolution strategies. In his study, DiGirolamo (2007) did not use the predictor variables before the outcomes. The finding of his research generalized to other areas of study, which is useful to other business since it provides relevant information concerning any form of organization. The study does not rule out to other alternative explanations of the findings. No students but business people were used in the study to answer his questions. However, this did not make any difference as expected with using students. In his research, DiGirolamo (2007) used structural equations modeling to develop and come up with his answers. The findings of his research are discussed below. Causes of Conflict During conflicts in the organizations, the causes of the conflicts are the predictors and determine the outcomes of the conflicts. There are three major causes of organizational conflicts. One of the major causes is the set of values and evolved set of behavioral rules, which determines the individual’s attitude towards something. It is important to have these set of values to permit justice, standards, and morals to exist and make universal pacts about what is right and what is wrong. The second major cause of conflict is the inspiration of the distinct individuals. The different individuals are motivated by an unusually exceptional grade of gratifications in a set of needs, which differs from one individual to another hence the conflict. Lastly, the differing ideological and philosophic bases we possess are a major cause of conflicts in organizations. This happens in the way we perceive bout on our principles from another and the way we respond with vigor (DiGirolamo, 2007). Levels of Conflict and Their Resolution Strategies The levels of the conflicts and the resolution strategies are the outcomes and are subjects of the predictors. There are seven different levels of conflicts, which all have different methods of resolving their conflicts. Level one of conflict is a healthy conflict and is usually task oriented. This level of conflict involves a win-win situation, and has an easy way to solve the conflicts. This level has its own unique form of resolving the conflicts and mostly calls for a chaplain to resolve the conflicts themselves. In order to solve conflicts in this category, various options are available. One of them is collaborating. The different members who are involved in the conflicts can decide to collaborate with others in order to achieve the same objective. Secondly, these members can persuade the differing party to agree with their objectives to eliminate the conflict. Such a situation can happen between senior members of the organization and their subordinates. The third resolution strategy to this conflict is to accommodate. This involves accommodating the conflicting party and their ideologies if the other party outnumbers them (DiGirolamo, 2007). In addition, conflicting parties can avoid the issue raising conflicts or decide to support one of the conflicting parties. The second level of conflict is also an easy conflict, which also involves a win-win situation. This level of conflict is relationships oriented and normally involves disagreements with organizational members such as the manager and the workers, the supervisors and the subordinates, and or else the subordinates themselves. In order to resolve the conflicts, a chaplain is required to bring together the conflicting parties. Various steps similar to the first level of conflict are employed. They involve, collaborating, persuading, accommodating avoiding and supporting one of the conflicting parties (DiGirolamo, 2007). The third level of conflict is the intra or inter-group contest. This level of conflict involves the win-lose situation, whereby its only one party that can win in the conflict. In order to resolve the conflict, it will involve conflict mediation unlike the previous two levels, which involves conflict resolution. A conflict coach is the ideal person to resolve this level of conflict. To resolve the conflict, various steps are involved such as negotiation. This step will involve engaging the two conflicting parties in a discussion whereby they have to agree on the best solution to their conflicts. Secondly, the two conflicting parties can collaborate with each other to resolve their conflicts. Moreover, conflicting parties can decide to persuade one another to accept the steps followed one party, if the parties involved are in the same group or persuade the other party to listen to other parties opinions of the level of conflict involves a senior party and a subordinated. The fourth level of conflict is a transitional level of conflict and so either organism or organization-wide contest. It involves a win-lose situation. Similarly, to the third level of conflict, it involves conflict mediation to solve it. Similar steps to the third level are carried out with the addition of compel procedure (DiGirolamo, 2007). The fifth level of organizational conflict is organism or organization-wide fight conflict. This is an unhealthy conflict since it involves a lose-leave situation. To resolve conflicts involved in this case, a conflict management strategy is required. One of them is compelling the two-conflicting parties. Moreover, the two conflicting parties can negotiate to resolve the conflict, or even support one another (DiGirolamo, 2007). Conclusions Conflict is a disagreement that exists in many organizations and between individuals due to differences in ideologies. Various forms of conflicts exists such as conflict between individuals, conflict of employees and the management and conflicts between the management and the entire organization. These conflicts are caused by various causes such as the set of values and evolved set of behavioral rules, which determines the individual’s attitude towards something, the inspiration of the distinct individuals, and the differing ideological and philosophic bases that we possess. On the levels of conflict, there are five different levels of conflict, which require different techniques to solve conflicts. Some techniques used involve lose-win situations, win-win situations, and lose-leave situations. Moreover, various conflict solving individuals can be employed such as a coach or a chaplain. Reference DiGirolamo, J. A. (2007). Conflict in Organizations. Turbocharged Leadership. pp. 1-47. Read More
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