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Staffing Organization - Assignment Example

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Staffing Organization Name Instructor Task Date Introduction This is a second document discussing staffing organization of the Gourmet Coffee Shop. Firstly, I will formulate a recruitment strategy that will be used to staff the coffee shop throughout the next three years…
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Staffing Organization Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Lastly, I will propose the types of initial and substantive assessment methods, and identify predictors used to assess KSAOs. 1. Formulate a recruitment plan and strategy that will be used to staff the coffee shop initially and throughout the next three (3) years. A recruitment strategy ensures that business goals are attained. It is referred to as a roadmap that guides business personnel on best methods of hiring quality employees. In formulating recruitment strategy for Gourmet Coffee Shop, the first plan that I will use to staff the coffee shop in the next three years is job description. It involves finding out detailed information on the kind of post that applicants need to occupy (Jex, 2002). Workers always have the tendency knowing the type vacancies advertised before they think of applying for the job. Job description also involves job specification, which is an elucidation of the credentials, familiarity and personal aspects required by a candidate. Methods such as promoting initial employees within the Coffee shop ensure that a business preserves and encourages hard working employees. The process of promoting staffs within has significant advantages since they are used to the working environment. Furthermore, another method is referral, in which staff members are expected to bring in new qualified recruits to the business. The strategy is cheap since it reduces the recruitment cost, involves current employees, motivates staff, and decreases time spent in hiring. Other methods that can be used are inside headhunt, looking for resume databases or hiring an outside employee service. The second strategy is screening and evaluation of the job applicants. This process leads to short-listing process that involves getting qualified members of the team and removing those that have failed to achieve the interview requirements. Lastly, the final strategy to apply is documentation of the recruited staff members. This will assist in tracking the qualified applicants, hence making it easy to monitor their work for the successful running if the coffee shop (Bechet, 2008). The documentation will act as a source of evidence proving that the recruitment was a fair process to evade conflict and misunderstandings. 2. Create a communication message (realistic, brand, or targeted) to attract applicants to the open positions. I will create a brand communication message to attract applicant for the open positions, and ensure that has the ability for sustainability, self-selection and business growth (Davis, 2010). Gourmet Coffee Shop offers unique and quality coffee and extra fast foods that are prepared by experts. Coffee is the major product served by the shop to its customers and is prepared exceptionally for the targeted students and lectures of the nearby college. Employees will obtain free job training for an outstanding and quality services offered to customers by working for the coffee shop. Consequently, the strategic location of the Gourmet Coffee Shop makes it an ever busy shop. Furthermore, the coffee shop is an employer’s choice because of its considerate salary it offers to staff members, unlike other coffee shop that pays its workers small amount of money. Gourmet Coffee Shop recognizes the hard work and effort put by its workers by rewarding them by issuing out promotions and bonuses. 3. Select the communication medium for the recruitment effort and explain why that method was chosen over others. I will use is social media as a communication ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Staffing Organization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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