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An Influential Leader - Research Paper Example

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An Influential Leader 05-21-2012 Larry Page Google, as we know today, is a blessing of efforts of many meticulous people who worked their way to make the world’s biggest search engine today. Of them all, Larry Page’s name tops the list. He is one of the co-founders of Google and is presently acting as the Chief Executive of Google…
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An Influential Leader
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Download file to see previous pages At an early age of six, he began interacting with all the computer stuff lying around him. As an adolescent, he became known to the idea that he is going to start up a company of his own. First, he earned Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and Science from his family university, Michigan University and then did his masters from Stanford University. As he became friends with Sergey Brin at Stanford, they figured out something that interested both of them and contributed towards it, The Anatomy of a Large Scale Hyper textual Web Search Engine. Their first search engine was known as Back Rub, it later came to known as Google. They developed their first algorithm on which Google search results are provided even today. With $1 million investment in 1998, they begin their company Google Inc. During this time period, Page has been able to bring 200 employees to his company and also enhanced the profitability of the company. (Vise,2005) Today, Page is the chief executive of Google and is accountable for daily operations of the firm. He is also responsible for monitoring the technology strategy and product innovation. Larry Page was the first Chief Executive of the company until 2001, and then he handled the products under his president ship from 2001 to 2011. Larry became the CEO of Google on April 4, 2011 again as Google knew that Larry is the chief creative thinker of Google and Google needed Larry. Since he took over as the CEO of Google, he is practicing self governance at Google which is novel to the employees of Google. Page Larry has shifted the focus of Google from a search engine to a distinguishing product which faces threat from social networking sites most importantly the Facebook. Google is now not only a search engine, but offer maps and translations to varied ranges of product. Recently Larry has announced that they will be starting knowledge maps on Google. Page’s leadership is much more focused and dynamic. Employees will just relate to one name and that is Larry’s when it comes to Google. He is applying democratic style of leadership in his organization. He works through and with people. He knows precisely how to tackle his employees and their constraints which was the reason that he was the CEO for such a long time in the past and he became the Chief Executive once again. He is well liked by all employees at Google. (Page, 2007) Today, Google is Page’s organization now. When saying this, we are not disparaging Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and Larry’s assistance in the first 13 years of the company. But since the time that Page took over, independence is bestowed upon this new company. The hierarchy pyramid is removed from the organization where a single Chief Executive owns the company. The company today as we know is more unconventional. On one instance where Larry considers open of his employees, his democratic leadership style is more of a paternalistic one where he does delegate the tasks to his employees but want things done his own way. Googlers persistently shed the light to what Larry wants, what he thinks and what he believes. He acts like a father to all employees like he wants his employees to be competent in their tasks but will guide them towards that tasks. He will want them to achieve their targets the way he wants to pursue the objectives of the company. He will assist his employees to get the right kind of output from them. He is not much of a public speaker ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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