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Quality Management Plan Executive Summary This is an executive summary that spells out clearly, the key points that have been factored into the quality management plan. In the first place, the core project operational definition to be used in the execution of the project is the projection of a multi-functional engine that has operates on an extra valve…
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Quality Management Plan Executive Summary
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Download file to see previous pages Quality verification is going take place from a number of outlooks. For instance there is going to be a different quality verification checklist for the project management as a whole. Such as a checklist includes among other thins the ability of the project team to stick to quality standards, work within time frame, spending within given budget and ability to use required resources. There is also going to be a quality verification checklist for the engine to be built. This will include the compartments of the engine, functioning of the engine, durability of the engine and cost of production. As stated in the definition, the project scope spans on the production of an engine with an extra valve. The project shall be limited to the advancement of engines that are already in the market and that have already been produced by the company. This means that the new compartment is going to come in only as an improved feature and not the invention of a new system of engine. The project is also limited to the production of engine for use in smaller cars and not heavy duty cars. At the end of the project, there is going to be both a new project type and a service type. This calls for the drafting of both a product description and a service description. Having talked a lot about the product as an engine with a new value compartment to handle more pressure, the attention will now go to service description. It is expected that the service that the product will produce shall be one that can judged as high quality engine service to product users. This should be a feature that should assure more distance, less repair, durability, resistance to weather, anti-theft features and user friendly features. Having stated the service that the product is expected to serve, it is clear that the standard of the project is one that is expected to be very high. It is for this reason that there shall be special quality assurance systems to monitor the quality and standard of the product at different times of its production. As part of the regulations that guide the construction of the project, there shall be quality assessment at each stage of the system implementation. This will ensure that all defects and sub-standards will be detected as early as possible and flashed out. Finally, the project process outputs shall be made up of two major components, which are project outcome and project impact. The outcome refers to the end product, which shall be a multi-functional engine that is built on the principle of extra power. The impact refers to the advantages that the project is going to create for users. Very outstanding among these is the fact that users will not need to replace engines as quickly as possible. This means that there will be financial benefit for users. Due to environmental considerations made in the construction also, the environment is going to be spared of all forms of pollution that are commonly caused by bad engines. REFERENCE LIST Luther T. A (2009). Economic Mastery in times of Global Crisis. Multimedia Press Limited: Chicago Project Management Documents (2012) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template. Accessed April 11, 2012 from http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/templates/work-breakdown-structure-wbs.html Tomhill R. (2008). Innovation for new Economic Dispensation. Ultimate Press Limited: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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