System Analysis for Carols Corner Store's Delivery of Goods and Efficient Movements of Products - Case Study Example

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The study "System Analysis for Carol’s Corner Store's Delivery of Goods and Efficient Movements of Products" talks about the development of an extremely efficient system that ensures the timely movement of goods from the warehouse to the store shelves, which ensures a steady flow of customers…
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System Analysis for Carols Corner Stores Delivery of Goods and Efficient Movements of Products
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Extract of sample "System Analysis for Carols Corner Store's Delivery of Goods and Efficient Movements of Products"

Download file to see previous pages Failure to display the goods in the Carol’s Corner Store could result to a loss of customers to her immediate competitors thus resulting to the loss of a chance to increase her sales or it may also make the customers unable to deduce whether she may be selling the product that they need. In order to solve this issue within a minimal space that her store as she makes use of limited storage space within the back of her store to stock a few extra product quantities so as to dodge running out of stock. This may be said to call for her employees’ help in restocking shelves often when the need arises. Carol may also be said to have suppliers who make deliveries within a particular time scheduled by her and them; they may be said to be her store’s only opportunities to obtain supplies; thus there might be a need for a timely order of products. All these, in our view, could be extremely tedious and costly since she might often be forced to employ workers to help in the arrangement of goods within the display shelves.
The key objective of this project may be to implement an effective DBMS, which would enable Carol:
- To keep an accurate product inventory, whether on display or within the storeroom;
- To alert Caro or her employees in case there might be a need for a restock of the display shelves with goods from the storeroom, then later updating the inventory with the restocked amount;
- To making a preparatory timely placement order from every supplier;
The primary business benefit that needs to be enjoyed from the use of the new system is for Carol’s store to maintain its level of competitiveness within the market at low costs. Other intermediate benefits may include:
- Improved record-keeping,
- Cut down on the errors brought about by the manual order processing,
-  Reduce the levels of staffing within phone-order and mail-order processing,
- Cause increment of turnover through the tracking of popular items’ sales as well as slow movers,
- Efficient movement of products from the store to the display shelves thus resulting in more sales due to the consumer awareness created.,
- Timely delivery of goods from suppliers, which would in turn result to an efficient flow of goods to consumers thus cutting down on deficits,
- The creation of new channels of marketing as a result of efficient display and timely supply.
After the review of the planning process, it could be recommended that the system be implemented. This could be because the cost incurred in its development may not exceed the advantages enjoyed by the store together with the community at large immediately the employee training process and the installation process is complete. This may be because it can be considered cost-effective yet advantageous.
An extremely new and fresh Database Management System would be implemented, installed and further maintained. In order to ensure that the business benefits are obtained:
- This database would be sure to make a provision that may track as well as updated information on inventory when products ought to be delivered, moved to the display shelves from the storeroom, sold or even entirely removed from the invenThe database would also be able to make a provision of information about the products stocked within the store every time new supplies are made. This may, therefore, provide Carol with a perfect opportunity to make timely orders, effective displays as well as to cut down on the costs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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