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Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American: - Case Study Example

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Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American: Case Study Question 1 The case scenario clearly indicates that the Great Northern American is a Dallas based telemarketing company with a wide range of product lines including packaging tape, paper clips, pens, and pencils…
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Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American: Case Study
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"Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American:"

Download file to see previous pages Since the Great Northern American is a telemarketing company, its sales staff must have the ability to effectively understand customer pulse and thereby act thoughtfully to meet their needs. In order to understand customer behavior, firstly it is necessary to recognize what their perceptions and attributions are. For this, salespeople need to clearly identify the factors that influence people in forming perceptions and making attributions. An individual’s perception and attributions may be influenced by an array of factors including his way of living, family background, economic status, geographic locality, and many more. A clear knowledge of these factors would assist the company’s salespeople to understand a customer’s weaknesses. In other words, this situation may aid sales employees to understand what approach would be potential to influence the customer behavior. This understanding is important as it would be helpful for the employees to close sales as quickly as possible. In addition, such knowledge would greatly assist sales staff to sell more pieces of the same product to one customer and this practice in turn would directly contribute to the firm’s total sales volume. Furthermore, based on good customer knowledge, sales people can act in accordance with customers’ mental preferences. ...
nditioning, or instrumental conditioning, is a learning method which is promoted by rewards and punishments for behavior (qtd in Coon and Mitterer, 226). For instance, a student achieves higher markets to get a reward from his/her teacher. This concept attempts to make a link between a particular behavior and consequences of that behavior. In contrast, the social learning theory holds the idea that people learn within a social context. To illustrate, if students see their colleague rewarded for being responsive in the classroom, they would probably try to be more active in next classes. This theory is supported by other models including modeling and observational learning. Albert Bandura is considered as the proposer of social learning theory. This theory is centered at three core assumptions. The first is that people can learn through observation and it is supported by three basic models including live model, verbal model, and symbolic model. The live model involves the demonstration of a particular behavior whereas the verbal model gives descriptions and explanations of that behavior. In contrast, modeling occurs in symbolic model by real or fictional characters displaying behaviors in media. The second assumption of social learning theory is that mental states are vital to learning whereas the third one states that learning may not necessarily result in behavior change. In the given case context, operant conditioning theory would be more appropriate for the president Joe Salatino to improve the current situation. As Wiley points out, traditionally it is found that sales employees are motivated by financial incentives more than anything else. The case study also indicates that the company spends huge amounts of money on commissions and bonuses. In this context, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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