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Organizational Culture as a Tool to Enhance Performance - Essay Example

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ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Name Instructor Task Date Organizational Culture Introduction Organizational culture refers to the past and present organizational assumptions, skills, viewpoints and values that cement an organization. This culture is observable in the self-image of employees, how they accomplish their duties, their interaction within and without the organization and their future anticipations…
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Organizational Culture as a Tool to Enhance Performance
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Download file to see previous pages It indicates extend to, which an organization has freedom of making decisions concerning an organization, expression of new and personal ideas. Organizational culture controls how organization information flows among leaders, employees and clients. Finally, it empowers the organizations’ employees towards attaining the set objectives (Rosen, 1985, p. 33 & Rosen, 1988, p. 467). Organizational culture theory has become a major issue in most organizations. This theory proclaims that life in every organization varies; therefore, advocating for more research in the field of organizational theory. Organizational culture theory campaigns for research in organizations with Muslim employees, pregnant employees and low enforcement employees. Organizational culture theory is of benefit to an organization as it shows how dissimilar businesses perform their tasks in line with their culture. In addition, it explains how customs affects production in an organization and the conflicts that result from dissimilar organizational cultures (Schein, 2011, p.40). According to conducted empirical study, there is a sturdy link amid the existing organizational values and the arrangement of an organization. In the previous years, many businesspersons lacked information regarding how organizational culture nurtures business performance, and instead, they believed that dissimilar cultures in an organization are difficult to handle. On contrary, most of the current business individuals have realized that organizational culture is imperative as it fosters organizations competition level hence making them to survive during tough competitions. Therefore, to apply culture according, it is important that an organization defines and understands its culture well (Schein, 2004, p. 112). In organizations, culture tend to be complex because it entails various assemblages of people possessing dissimilar values, attitudes, behaviors, assumptions, artifacts and beliefs. Culture describes an individual’s inner and external relationship as well as guiding someone’s actions unwillingly. According to dissimilar conducted research, organizational culture is an interesting issue to many researchers, which include the academic plus educational researchers, management practices and applicable in organizational theory (Solomon, 2004, p.53). In organizations, people should respect every culture in order to realize critical company matters such as how people in the company reason, to enhance how people value each other, think and act. This is important because encountered reactions from dissimilar employees in an organization originate from cultural beliefs and sharing of ideas among employees (Van Maanen & Barley, 1984, p.294). It is intricate to get two organizations possessing the same customs. The cultural differences that exist among organizations can turn out to cause major impacts to the performance of an organization together with improving the employees working experiences (Parker & Clegg 2006 P. 651). Organizational culture affects theory and rehearsal educational reform. The culture of a society within, which dissimilar organizations operatelargely, affects the culture of that organization (Smircich, 1983, p. 340 & Schein, 2009, p. 14) Organizational cu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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