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Management Report on Effective International Management - Essay Example

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Management Report on Effective International Management Executive Summary In the past few decades, the globalization of businesses has been accelerating in a rapid rate such that any particular management control and strategy deemed as effective in different countries has become the central focus of multinational organizations…
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Management Report on Effective International Management
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Download file to see previous pages This, in essence, suggests that management strategies and controls effective in one country may not necessarily be effective in another country (or even dysfunctional or completely ineffective). Such cross-cultural differences may arise internally, for instance by influencing the work-related behaviors of certain employees, and the interface between external labor market and the organization, such as retaining and recruiting employees. In the past, scholars have concluded numerous empirical studies focusing on the relationship between the national culture and the various aspects of management, such as strategic decision-making and long-term planning. However, only a portion of these studies critically examines the relation between national culture and effective global management of organizations. Such studies are limited in use, especially when designing the structure and operation of control management in multinational organizations (Higgs). The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive managerial report to the senior management of an information and technology company operating in China and France, emphasizing on effective international management for optimal and successful operation of the organization in the two countries. Introduction The debate over the organizational need for multinational enterprises to become increasingly similar to those in the subsidiary stations as been persistent. Determining factors such as the growing importance of multinational enterprises, technological convergence, and the institutionalization of international corporate standards such as the ERP system and the ISO 9000 contribute to isomorphic tendencies of multinationals. In recent times however, some researchers claim that the global spread of managerial concepts such as decentralization and downsizing, as well as shareholder-value concepts are increasingly making organizations similar in a global context. However, a faction of other researchers has opposed the views of isomorphism, emphasizing on the resilience of national cultures. According to them, the difference of institutions at the national level results in persistent heterogeneity among other organizations in different countries, regardless of operating in the same industry and subject to similar external influences (Adler, Doklor, and Redding, 2001:297). From this viewpoint, in different national contexts, effective international management should have significant different results at the organizational level. Such studies are contradictory, especially in efforts to determine which perspective receives the backing of empirical tests. Framing the issue of effective international management in such instances as either leading to divergence or convergence seems like a rhetoric trick, but it an excellent starting point for this management report. This paper seeks to examine critically the aspects of management with emphasis on multinational organizations in China and France, with emphasis on the national cultures of the two countries, as well as external factors such as business policies and regulations (Higgs). China China is among the widely recognized countries currently experiencing vast profitability and economic growth. The country is capable of producing goods more efficiently and effectively than most of the other countries in the world. The country has a Gross Domestic Product ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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