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JETZ Fidelity - Essay Example

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Based on a past research by Kabasakal and Bodur (1997), some cultures are characterized by a strong slant towards collectivism and both societal and organizational levels. It may perhaps be useful for JETZ to initially analyze the Portuguese culture in terms of power distance,…
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JETZ Fidelity
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Extract of sample "JETZ Fidelity"

Download file to see previous pages JETZ expatriates can definitely influence the expectations of its expatriates and help in their adjustment to the new work environment (Hofstede, 1983).
In addition, Portuguese business culture communication styles should also be assessed by JETZ and the manner through which corporate values and organizational culture are transmitted. For instance, is it through socialization? In some cultures, exchange of favors, information sharing and friendships are critical means of winning and developing trust. Logically, JETZ managers who are sent to Portugal ought to have such characteristics as patience and being open to socialization with locals.
Apparently, Tom, Mark and Jane have experienced a whole host of changes in being sent to a global post. On a personal level, they are required to undergo a transition from an environment to which they were accustomed to one which is very unfamiliar. Naturally, this required modifications in their living habits, and entailed finding a healthy, novel balance between their work and personal preoccupations. For a majority of individuals, this expends too much time and effort. Thus, the human resources department of JETZ ought to take action to prepare them so that they may cope with these difficulties in adjustment.
The research of Mendenhall and Oddou (1985) indicate that adjustment to the cross-cultural facets of a global assignment requires three distinct personal abilities, as follows: 1) the capacity to sustain a valued sense of self; 2) the ability to associate to host nationals; 3) the ability to intellectually appreciate the belief systems that underpin behaviors in the host country. If Tom, Mark and Jane were oriented with these traits, it would have been easier for them to adjust because their expectations were more effectively managed (Black, 1990b; Mendenhall & Oddou, 1985). If they possessed such traits, it would have been more probable for them to adjust easily in their Faro assignment. In a related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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