The Usefulness of the Academic Literature on National Culture for Helping a Multinational Corporation Devise its Strategy - Essay Example

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This essay has examined the usefulness of the academic literature on national culture for helping a multinational corporation devise its strategy. This research has argued that trends in the literature indicate that the academic literature is useful for devising a business strategy…
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The Usefulness of the Academic Literature on National Culture for Helping a Multinational Corporation Devise its Strategy
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Extract of sample "The Usefulness of the Academic Literature on National Culture for Helping a Multinational Corporation Devise its Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages As a means of developing broader range insights into the nature of culture, business, innovation, and profit, this research assess the usefulness of the academic literature on national culture for helping a multinational corporation devise its strategy. As there are a number of broad-ranging theories on national culture, this research advances by analyzing the relationships and associations between key factors found in the literature. Analysis One of the prominent areas where academic literature on national culture has been implemented in terms of business strategy is in the hospitality industry. Baker & Moreo (2008) investigated power distance management between cultures. This specific investigation administered questionnaires to managers in different international regions, specifically: the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey. Specifically, the research notes that the questionnaires sought to determine if, “managers from varied power distance cultures would exhibit varied degrees of participative style, openness to strategic change, formality of strategic control, and people-focused orientation when setting strategic goals” (Baker & Moreo, 2008, p. 12). The results were inconclusive regarding specific differences in power relationships between national cultures. As a result of these findings the authors argue that managers operating in international contexts need not be concerned with the relation between distance and power relationships. Such findings demand further investigation, as there is the possibility of limitations because of the specific organizations that were implemented, as specific trends in the cultures that may be more amenable to each other (Tandukar 2008). Still, there literature makes a significant contribution to broader ranging strategic investigations, as it constitutes a specific perspective on these relations. Such a notion functions to indicate that while individual research studies may lack the large-scale reach that would allow them to make significant impacts on business strategy, collated and implemented in a comprehensive approach could reveal significant insights. Another prominent area where literature on national cultures has been intertwined with business strategy is business ownership. Larimo (1998) tested the notion that national origin significantly impacts the strategies of multinational corporations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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