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Burning Man outline - Essay Example

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For instance, such a festival is an indication of the power that humans hold on the perceptions of other people. Essentially, the festival is a…
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Burning Man outline
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Extract of sample "Burning Man outline"

Burning Man Festival-Outline Creative Why There Is a Need for Ethos The Topic Of The Essay: The DifferentiationOf Ethos Is What Makes Burning Man An Extreme Creative, Chaotic Anarchy, Inspirational Enlightenment And Civic Sustainability.
The Relevance of the Festival
The festival of Burning man is among the explanations of the application of propaganda in the development of matters in human life. For instance, such a festival is an indication of the power that humans hold on the perceptions of other people. Essentially, the festival is a celebration of the creativity of some individual as manipulating the minds of others.
Thesis: we could all be victims of manipulation of the ideologies of one or a group of individuals, which is their propaganda.
List of points: ethos, others will come upon its completion.
Background Paragraph
Why do individuals, millennials to Baby Boomers, artistic and techie, opulent and pinched, academic and corporate come from all walks of life to attend the festival of the Burning man? Why do we have such a large number of individuals across the world spending so much of their efforts and their time to construct something that will only last a few weeks? Why would the same people spend a junk of their resources on things that do not have any monetary gains? What compelling force was behind the formation of the Burning man and what powers make it possible to spread as fast as it did soon after its foundation? The last question is what importance does the festival of burning man have on our lives? The answers to such issues relate to the creativity of the founders of the movement, who developed an idea that replicated and extended on itself to form one of the strongest movements. As such, the founders of the ceremony talk of the importance of the ceremony on the sensitization of humans on the need for identity.
The Body of the Essay
The body of this work will discuss a number of implications of the ceremony of burning man on the lives of people. For instance, there will be a demonstration of how the whole idea of the ceremony developed in relation to propaganda. As such, the work will describe the usefulness of idea novelty in the manipulation of the minds of individuals. There are those people who participate in the without understanding the needfulness of the same. Essentially, the creative extremities that the ceremony holds are a result of its differentiating ethos (Johnson 20).
The ceremony could be one that satisfies the truthfulness of the quotation that what matters to the lives of people Is not what happens to them, but what they remember as well as how they remember it. What people do in life in relation to the burning man ceremony is, therefore, an emphasis on the usefulness of propaganda in the development of life-binding ideologies. The movement is now among those that inspires people across the world on the need for identity and personality.
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Burning Man Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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