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The company that is the subject of this research "Conceptualizing a Business" is Doll Beverage Company Limited, a non-alcoholic drinks manufacturing company. Its introduction to the beverage manufacturing industry starts from the conceptualization stage…
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Conceptualizing a Business
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper outlines, the current business environment comprises of firms and organization offering different kinds of products and services (John & Randel, 2010). It is evident that researchers have attempted all explorations concerning the consumers’ needs that fit modern times. Introduction and adoption of capitalism presented a new are of free enterprise. This led to the aspect of competition among product manufacturers and service providers. In this context, there was the establishment of many companies manufacturing the same product type and providing similar services. In this case, it is fundamental that every company defines itself in a unique manner that differentiates it from its competitors. Therefore, entry of a new business firm into the market requires thorough execution of the conceptualization step. This will facilitate dispensation of the company’s operating principles to the concerned stakeholders (John & Randel, 2010). Mission Doll Company Limited aims at developing systematic mechanisms that will strive towards responding to the consumer's needs in the soft drink industry. The main focus of this company is to place the customer at a reference position in all its entire practices. Doll seeks to fill the gaps that are present in the beverage market. The company acknowledges the fact that there are numerous shifts in most social dynamics with respect to the aspects of lifestyles and fashion. As a result, the consumer market is currently divided along the lines of trends and lifestyles. In this regard, Doll seeks to develop a corresponding shift in the products’ nature as per the dictates of these external forces of social dynamics. This company will ensure the production of customized soft drinks based on the aspect of lifestyle and fashion. In this company, the consumers participate in decision-making exercises through the expression of their interests concerning product preferences. Therefore, the main objective of Doll Beverage Company is to address contemporary customers’ needs by responding to the social dynamic forces (John & Randel, 2010). Vision The company’s vision statement is, “Become the leading soft drinks manufacturer by responding to the aspects of social dynamics”. Doll aims at establishing a strong market base in the consumer population by responding to their needs through product differentiation. The company will integrate all the concepts of business ranging from social responsibilities to ethics in ensuring development and maintenance of a healthy relationship with the consumers. The basis of the company’s operation is to address the product issues resulting from the aspect of social dynamics (John & Randel, 2010). Doll appreciates the fact that consumers’ preferences are continually diversifying due to the relative morality in both the social and economic pillars of society. Therefore, the company seeks to identify the social changes and respond to them accordingly in terms of product customization. The company will always identify emerging trends in fashion and lifestyle platforms. Consequently, Doll will produce tailor-made soft drinks for the consumer classes created by these social dynamic forces. We will develop close and healthy relationship with customers by incorporating them in decision making processes concerning product specifications. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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