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BUS475 Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard - Essay Example

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Strategic Plan: Conceptualizing a Business Kevin Wooldridge SOC/100 September 25, 2012 Robert Stokes : Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business The modern business environment is one that enjoys dramatic improvements and innovations. The dynamic business environment, therefore, demand that existing and emerging organizations establish and enhance their strategic plans to ensure their achievement of immense competitive advantages…
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BUS475 Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard
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Download file to see previous pages All the aforementioned components exemplify the nature and purpose of an organization, its long-term goals, intention and logic behind its actions. This paper will present a comprehensive view of the function of the aforementioned elements in the formulation of a strategic plan. This paper will show this by establishing a mission, vision and values for Health and Beauty Rejuvenate (HBR). Proper business planning allows for the fulfillment of needs of both the firm and its customers. Vision The objective of Health and Beauty Rejuvenate is to become the most recognized and preferential spa of choice where customers to enhance their innate beauty. The firm will strive to offer its customers a tranquil environment with the view to provide the best spa services to its customers. The center of the spa’s vision is to manage its operations in a long-term milieu with the aim of enhancing both shareholder and customer value and giving back to the local community in which the business will operate. Mission The organization has a single focus i.e. to pamper its customers. The organization’s mission is not only to restore and relax its customers but also to rejuvenate its customers’ wellness and beauty. ...
will attain this objective through the employment of highly skilled and educated professionals committed to gaining thorough knowledge and appreciation of the firm’s clients to meet all their needs (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Values Since the mission of HBR is to become a world class and the spa of choice, HBR will endeavor to expand its business and attain permanence through the realization that its values are crucial to the execution of these objectives. HBR’s core values are as follows: 1. Consistency Reliability is one of the most prominent factors when seeking longevity and long-term success with regard to business operations. As noted in the mission statement, HBR’s aim is to establish a serene environment in which its clients will be relieved of their day-to-day stresses. Through this value, HBR acknowledges that, in order to attract and sustain high market shares, the spa must offer optimal services unswervingly. 2. Honesty Conducting business in a transparent and honest manner is a fundamental component to the success of HBR as the value ensures that HBR operates ethically and inspires a sense of trust in its customers. HBR’s clients expect the firm to have their greatest interests at heart and create optimal and cost-efficient rejuvenation and beauty plans, which suit clients’ needs. 3. Dependability Clients depend on HBR to provide superior services in a well-timed and resourceful manner. Ensuring dependability will ensure that HBR achieves optimal profitability in the long run. Dependability not only has a direct impact on profitability but on customers’ perspectives, as well. 4. Continuous Improvement Since HBR aims at fulfilling its clients’ needs, the firm is committed to routinely assessing its processes to ensure constant upgrades to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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