Chevron Australia's Current Organisational Sustainability Protocol and Business Expansion - Case Study Example

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Business Professor Date The chevron Australia company is an alliance that is founded in the region of Australia and has got provisions for which are governed by the regime of the Australian government. The bigger part of the chevron company is however situated in various other locations across the globe so as to enhance the network of business…
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Chevron Australias Current Organisational Sustainability Protocol and Business Expansion
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, the chevron Australia stands out as one of the largest development alliances in the land. This is with the coming up of the gorgon gas project in particular as the single resource project in the land. Chevron stands out to hold the highest expanse of natural gas of which meets the needs of Australia as a whole. Historically, the company has been successful to produce a capacity of oil at the barrow island for about forty five years now. This is alongside other participants in the market hence declaring its capacity as high. The company has been structured into various departments all of which work out in the success of increasing energy in the country. A look at some of the projects for which the company has come about includes the gorgon project that has been mentioned earlier. This project in particular has been cited as one of the highly rated ones in Australia. The endurance of the project is through the greenhouse gas efficiency that the company has brought in place. On board the company has brought in capacity machines that enable the injection of carbon dioxide that enables the occurrence of the gas to the project. This is one of the sustainability measures that the company has taken into place. ...
As such this is one of other sustainability measures that the company reveres. The participation of the company in a long time towards the venture of the offshore liquefaction mechanism brings into place the production of natural gas dating since the year 2008. Again, chevron stands as a venture that is in collaboration with the development of gas production with the browse project. This venture is in itself a well calculated motive of the Australian company by the name wood side that enhances a great combination of oil. The prospective future of the company thus is high owing to the capacity of its machinery as well as the personnel in the company. The methods that the company uses into the tapping of innovation and inventions are method that shall enable the company to keep going despite all in the nation.3 As such, I believe that the company has got a sturdy foundation for which the expansion is imperative. In the first place the company stands out due to the profits that it generates through its provision of energy in the regime. This is one of the positive allures of the company for which it has got a competitive edge among the others. Again, the machinery that the company has acquired enables it to work through various other projects in the future and hence is self sustainable without having to outsource from other companies. The personnel of the company are also another positive appeal of expansion for which the possibility of expansion stands out.4 The personnel are well expertise in their various fields and hence understand the market properly hence giving it an edge. The factor that the company has got wings in other countries across the globe is another sustainability protocol that the organization has got. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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