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Organizational Behavior Article Contrast - Term Paper Example

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“Influential Role of Culture on Leadership Effectiveness and Organizational Performance.” Information Management and Business Review 35, 532–547. Syed Kamran Ali Shah, Jam Javed Iqbal, Adeel Razaq, Muhammad Yameen, Suleman Sabir, Muhammad Asif Khan “Influence of Organizational Culture on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Three-Sector Study.” Global Journal of Business Research, 6 (1), 65-76…
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Organizational Behavior Article Contrast Paper
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"Organizational Behavior Article Contrast"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational culture is a common concept among organizations and this has attracted a lot of attention from both managers and scholars. The topic has been very crucial in determining the success of a number of institutions. This is a contrast paper on three articles that discuss an organizational behavior topic of organizational culture. The paper aims at identifying the similarities and differences among the three articles. It also includes a discussion of the main points that have been reconciled from the articles and how the concepts within the paper can be integrated. I am also going to give a personal opinion about the contents and presentations of the three articles. From a practical perspective, I will provide an explanation on how managers can use the ideas presented in the articles in his daily routine at work. Similarities a) Research Papers The most significant similarity among the three articles is that they are all research papers. The authors of the articles have conducted research studies on different areas of business and have provided a comprehensive discussion of their findings and results. The articles contain three most important parts of a research paper including literature review, methodology and results. The authors have done their research on different areas of studies and presented their findings along with a discussion on the results. b) Main Theme The main theme of the three articles is a discussion on the topic of organizational culture. Organizational culture occupies the central thoughts of the authors in their respective articles. Their research studies are centered on a comprehensive analysis of organizational culture relative to their topic of study. The three articles have a common definition of organization culture as they refer to it as values and behaviors that create a unique environment within an organization. The authors also appreciate the role of organizational culture in the success of any organization. They also relate the main theme of organizational behavior to the success of an organization. The theme is discussed in the context of an organization. c) Comprehensive Literature Review The three authors have managed to provide a comprehensive literature of the topic of organizational culture in their articles. The literature materials in the three articles cover key areas such as the definition and application of the concept of organization culture in various settings. The literature review part of their articles cover an average of two pages of the total content of their articles. This is a clear indication that the authors are committed to making their readers understand the concept of organizational culture as well as their discussions of their findings. Anyone reading through the literature contents of the articles will have a comprehensive view of the topic and have an understanding of how it relates with the topic of study. d) Implication of research studies The three articles present implications of the respective research studies in terms of future research studies and application of the concept of organizational culture. According to the three articles, readers will be able to improve their understanding of the topic of o ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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