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Organizational change part 3 - Essay Example

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Part III of a comprehensive plan to implement an organizational change Instructor Institution Date Strategies for Evaluating the Proposed Change Summary from Previous Parts Globalization and constant technological innovation have greatly affected our lives in the modern world including a significant impact on the business environment…
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Organizational change part 3
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Download file to see previous pages The challenges of managing organizational change often scare away some leaders who opt to avoid change. This often has its own consequences. Organizational change, if approached in the right way, can lead the organization in the best direction in the industry and helps to keep the organization prepared for any future changes. The most critical part of organizational change lies with the leaders. An organization’s leaders have to manage the change through planning, assessment and evaluation and have to ensure that every stakeholder in the organization buys in to the ides of change and is involved in it (Hechanova, and Teng-Calleja, 2011). Organizational change can be said to be successful if it meets its objectives and the benefits of the change are realized by the management and employees of the organization. Readiness for change is one of the issues that change management experts have focused on in the recent few years by recommending strategies that organizations need to take in order to be fully prepared for change. Readiness for change is a very crucial concept in healthcare given the ever changing nature of treatment. Healthcare organizations have to be strategically positioned so as to meet the demands brought about by change. An organization’s readiness for change depends on various factors such as organizational culture, flexibility of the organization’s policies, and the ability of leaders to manage changes in the working environment. Managing change in a healthcare facility is not different from other organizations (Weiner, Lewis & Linnan, 2009). The leaders have to be very assertive and proactive in steering health organizations in the right direction. This requires constant assessment of the current level of operations in the organization and determining what needs to be done so as to help improve treatment of patients. The need for the proposed change has been brought up by the increase in the number of deaths occurring from invasive interventional radiology procedures in recent years. Despite having qualified and dedicated personnel, the deaths have increased persistently for many people to notice. It came to our realization that this was due to insufficient staff. The number of patients has increased significantly increasing the ration between patients and employees. This situation has created the need for a change in the organization which would include hiring of two nurses who will specifically handle patients in the radiology room. There are likely to be barriers to implementing this change. Some of the challenges in implementing the proposed change include lack of funds to initiate and manage the change as well as lack of receptors. Implementing the proposed change require creating strategies that will be used as guiding principles throughout the process. A change implementation strategy for organizations includes various elements that have to be carefully analyzed before the change process is implemented (Hechanova and Teng-Calleja, 2011). These elements include situational awareness, the structures supporting the change, and strategy analysis. Situational awareness involves understanding the implications of change on the organizations, knowing who will be affected by the impending change and gathering as much resources and knowledge about the change to be implemented. Supporting structures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Change Part 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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