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Sir Richard Branson - - Case Study Example

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Running Head: SIR RICHARD BRANSON Sir Richard Branson – Case study There is something mystical about every leader. One will get a host of different and sometimes contradicting qualities while making a 360 degree observation into a leader’s life and his or her work…
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Sir Richard Branson - Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Also, we will look at other attributes that if incorporated in his life, would zeal his future adventures, like space tourism. Leadership Styles The identification of a leader is an always lagging factor. Leadership is being proven by the future orientation of the leader. Here first of all we are going to focus on transactional leadership, authentic leadership, and transformational leadership. Then we will focus on the relationship between the leader and the members, and at last we will conclude this section by throwing some light on the global leadership. Transactional leadership is focused on the self-interest of the followers and thus motivates the followers to a particular goal. Here the leader is empowered with the formal authority to mould the followers. These leaders control, organize and plan for the short term. To run a successful transactional leadership style, it is highly required that all the process are well defined, and the goals and obstacles of the organization is clearly understood. This is good for the businesses which are well established. In such a structured environment, it is possible to push the followers to some defined goals. Though not very impressive like a hero, the transactional leaders are the foundation of any organization. ...
Transformational leaders are a few steps ahead of an authentic leader. The words that describe them are visionary, inspiring, daring, and ethical. They can understand the future trends. They understand the possibilities with such changes. They can make their followers understand their visions and take the necessary step to mould the organizations. Thus transformational leadership creates synergy. These kinds of leaders are found in every level of the organizations. Even in the start ups, they are clearly visible. Thinking out of the box is a central theme for these people. These leaders do not waste time in blame game; rather focus on the core issues. They are a real inspiration to their followers. These are the people who are called charismatic leaders (Huang and Hsu, 2011, p. 870). Now let’s focus on the leader and follower relationship. It is important to know the interdependency and reciprocity between these two layers. The relationship between the leader and the followers grows with increasing transactions. From simple stranger phase, it grows into acquaintance phase and then transforms into mature partnership. Though the dynamics of leadership is well researched, the dynamics of followers is less understood as there is no such in depth research. There is a bias that leaders are the only movers and shakers. In reality, followers’ dynamics has also an effect on leadership style (Kean, 2011, p. 35). A real leader clearly understands the dynamics of the followers. With the globalization in process, there are numerous organizations that have presence across the globe. In leading such a global organization, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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