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Business Class Questions - Coursework Example

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Business Class Work 1 Name: Institution: Business Class Work 1 Questions 1. What is business research? Why should there any question about the definition of research? Business research refers to an organized process of gathering information crucial in business decision making as well as resolution of business related problems (Cooper, Cooper & Schindler, 2010)…
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Business Class Questions
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Download file to see previous pages The growing interest in business research can be attributed the increasing need to understand employees, customer behavior, stakeholders, and business environment for effective decision making. Business research has been advanced through the current advancement in technology which has made possible for organizations to keep track of important information in their day-to-day operation. Such technologies entails the business intelligence system which facilitates continuous collection of information on the various factors affecting business such as economic, market, political, technology, cultural and social trends(Cooper, Cooper & Schindler, 2010). Decision makers combine information collected through such systems with data obtained through the contemporary business research to enhance the credibility and reliability of the research findings. The definition of research should be questioned on the basis that the definition, can be identified as being in its informative stage. 2. What is the difference between applied research and basic or pure research? The major difference between applied research and pure research revolve around the objectives or aims of the research process. Pure research entail the gathering of new information or data to expand the existing knowledge about a given phenomenon or issues where the ultimate goal is build on what is already known (Cooper, Cooper & Schindler, 2010). On the other hand, applied research revolves around collecting of information geared towards providing amicable solutions to a certain problems or opportunities. Pure research only seeks to answer question or provide knowledge that does directly affect organizational decision making or actions taken in the business operations. In the context of deciding how a salesperson should be paid, either by commission or salary, the question that would be applied to guide an applied research would involve an inquiry on what payment method would be appropriate to pay the salesperson with consideration of benefits associated with each method on both parties. For example, which of the two methods payment; commission or salary would be more appropriate for paying a salesperson? On the other hand the question to guide a pure research on the same issue would entail exploration of the two methods of payment without necessarily seeking to establish a direct response. For example the question can be framed as follows; what are the benefits for using either commission or salary to pay a sales person? 5. What are the dilemmas a sales force manager faces in selecting a custom motivation program or a purchase base program offered by a consulting firm? Selection of either of two programs presents several dilemmas as to which of the two programs would translate to maximum performance and the risks that may be involved in adopting either of the two. The sales force manager faces the dilemma of whether of he/ she has the necessary skills to support implementation of either the custom motivation program or the purchase based program. The other dilemma that the manager faces revolves around whether the external program can be supported by the firm’s budget. The manager must try to establish if the external prog ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Class Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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