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Green Case Jain suggest that politics is an art of governance where, the involved persons formulate rules or regulations and principles that would help them run or deliver well to the public or community at large. Politics involves matters or affairs of public interest…
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Green Case
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Download file to see previous pages Green Case Jain suggest that politics is an art of governance where, the involved persons formulate rules or regulations and principles that would help them run or deliver well to the public or community at large. Politics involves matters or affairs of public interest. Politics relates most with power and resource distribution. Here political ideas used to create chances or persuade people or individuals for personal gain. However, politics has both the good and the bad side in every involvement that touches on politics. Politics may play a major role in influencing certain actions or behaviors to suit personal gain. In an organization, politics may influence the decisions the management make at certain points concerning certain critical issues in the organization. Issues about promotion and performance at work may involve politics. Politics plays an important role in creating regulations and principles governing the public affairs with an aim of maintaining law and order. With these points at hand, in agreement with statement that politics is not inherently bad there are several instances or reasons in favor of this statement. To support the statement, it is good to consider the case of Michelle Jones, used her political tactics to shape up her region’s strategy and the support she gave to their selling efforts. To this end, this political move translated to her performance and for her organization’s benefit at the end of the day....
Politics has power to institute changes in an organization (Sasser and Beckham 9; Jain 151). From Sasser and Beckham (8) suggestions, it is true also that, politics is a fact in an organization. Here, Thomas used his political and his power of creativity to influence or convince the company’s vice president so as to get into the ob position he so wished to be in. In normal circumstances, this would not have occurred in this order, positions some times go with experience and the right procedure to select qualifying candidates within the department or organization may seem okay. In addition, because of politics some decisions that would have been impossible to make, influencing may be in a matter of hours of a few days when a politically activated channel of decision-making is used (Jain 156). Decisions in a big organization may at one point need the application of politics to effect good and reliable solutions as this may call on all company employees and representatives to participate in some kind of voting for the best principles for an organization to adapt. This points out to Michelle’s efforts that involved all the sells representatives at one point or the other. A number of organizational factors that lead to or contribute to some political behaviors in an organization range form; self-serving seniors, unclear evaluation systems in an organization, this may be in terms of promotions and critical decision making, lack of such systems leads to the individuals like Thomas seeking there own way to address there needs or ways of promotion. High performance pressures, this case an assumption concerning Michelle’s political involvement that created an impression to her seniors and a move ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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