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Contempory Issues in Business - Essay Example

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Contemporary Issues in Business – Virgin Trains University Contemporary Issues in Business – Virgin Trains Introduction “Virgin trains” is a train company that operates today under Virgin Group. In 1993, it was governed by the British Rail as railway industry was not privatized in that era…
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Contempory Issues in Business
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Download file to see previous pages Virgin Trains is known for its reliable, fast, and quality trains not only in the past but today as well. Moreover, it is now considered to be one of the most trustworthy and experienced train companies operating in Britain (Virgin Trains. 2005). Technology Used by Virgin Trains Virgin Trains is a perfect example of a business organization which has made use of technology in the most efficient manner. It has employed quite a few types of technologies to improve its areas of functions. Tilting technology employed by Virgins Trains has resulted in tremendous amount of boost in speed, thereby considerably reducing the journey times between different places on West Coast Main Line. Virgin Group is making the use of tilting technology in all of its upcoming models. Virgin Group has signed a contract with ALSTOM Transport, a French multinational company, to manufacture tilting trains for the West Coast Main Line. Virgin Trains also uses another interesting and highly interactive technology of Wi-Fi that allows passengers to swiftly access wireless internet on their laptops or electronic handheld devices while travelling on the train. In addition to that, Virgin Trains has opted for GOSS iCM (Intelligent Content Management) as its Web Content Management System. The installation of this intranet system has facilitated the utilization of Web 2.0 Applications which provides information related to weather, signals, train departures and arrivals. Virgin Trains has also been successful in developing a hi-tech system on its trains and stations such as Birmingham New Street. This system comprises of boards which display the departure and arrival times, and get automatically updated through the tracks on a live basis, thus exhibiting the effectiveness of Real Time Technology (GOSS, 2012). Impact of Technology on Virgin Trains When Virgin Trains executed its first project of implementing tilting technology in Advanced Passenger Train, the news promulgated around the world and the company’s status enhanced with the word of mouth marketing done by the passengers. This technology also helped Virgin Trains in enhancing its relationships with Fiat Ferroviaria and ALSTON, the two gigantic corporations that had formed a mutual enterprise to supply tilting services to the models of Virgin Trains. They completed their first project of Virgin Trains which was quite a huge success for the company and at the same time proved a strong opponent against other high-speed trains in the country (Lagandijk et al. 2005). Use of wireless internet over the board has also enabled Virgin Trains to mark out their separate identity and has also proved to be a way of gaining greater market share by targeting business travellers who find this service very useful (BTN, 2011). The decision to setup Web Content management System (WCMS), which functions as an interactive Intranet has instilled the company with the components of social networking. In this manner, the improvements made in the online availability of information have certainly yielded positive results for the company. The transfer of data to the online system has resulted in more efficient use of time and resources for the organization with reduction in paper consumption and red tapes as well. There were several technical issues particularly related to communication associated with the traditional legacy notes system of Virgin Trains. However, the installation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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