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Company Analysis: Review of Social Performance - Assignment Example

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Company Analysis- Review of Social Performance (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction The paper is a review of social performance of Chevron Corporation Company. It examines the company’s performance in terms of fulfilling social needs within society…
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Company Analysis: Review of Social Performance
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Download file to see previous pages Consideration will also be based on Impact of Chevron Company and various implications of its actions on society. The paper will also discuss primary needs and various concerns of the company’s stakeholders and society. Finally a conclusion is provided from a personal balance discussing the company’s performance in the society. Chevron Corporation It is a multinational energy corporation with branches in more than one hundred and eighty countries. It is based in America with its headquarters in San Ramon, California. It is currently the second largest energy company in United States after Exxon Mobil and it is rated among the six super major oil companies.1 Chevron production is highly integrated in that it deals with production and supply of oil, geothermal energy industries and gas. It is involved in all production processes ranging from exploration production refining and in marketing of various products that it deals with2. The company has employees all over the world and its worldwide marketing network allows it to market and sell its products with ease. It is the current owner of Standard Oil trademark both in western and southeastern parts of United States. The company is involved and leads in deep-water Gulf of Mexico producing several barrels of oil and gas on a daily basis.3 Social Performance Social performance is a measure of how a company or any operating institution has ensured that its goals and objectives work well to generate positive outcomes to communities they operate in. social performance is a wide section in organization responsibilities. It is measured through observation of principles, actions and corrective measures implemented to ensure that they impact well to society. An evaluation of intention design principles is done so as get into certain actions that provides intended positive outcomes to society. It accords that companies have a fundamental responsibility in contributing to growth of the economy and social wellbeing of their stakeholders. Therefore every company strives to invest in taking care of the community both supporting it financially and conducting safe environmental activities. Companies hence make a detail analysis of its development objectives, system and various procedures they have in place.4 They are monitored effectively to ensure that thy progress towards the company’s social performance objectives and goals. Fulfilling Social Needs within Society Chevron Corporation has greatly been involved in meeting social needs within society since it understands that it derives benefits from society. The company has ensured that in its operation to consider and undertake safe and reliable operations. Safety standards have been advocated everywhere in the regions it operates in so that the society is not affected from its operation. It has maintained and reinforced long-standing commitments in ensuring that society is constantly protected. They have also participated and greatly contributed to economic development. That is they invest in micro enterprises and projects that ensure and create sustainable employment opportunities in the society. They have addressed the issue of health in developing countries where they have helped in improving preventive care and treatment. Since healthy people create healthy society Chevron Company is dedicated to strengthening healthcare systems and services. It has supported education especially in the science and research sections. It has ensured continual protection of the environment so that it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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