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Cross Cultural Implications for A UK Manager Undertaking an International Business Assignment to another Country Institution Course Name Tutor Date Introduction Culture plays an important role in determining the performance of employees and managers since culture defines the principles, value and morals that are inculcated into the individual…
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The Cross Cultural Implications For a UK Manager Undertaking an International Business
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"The Cross Cultural Implications For a UK Manager Undertaking an International Business"

Download file to see previous pages If the cross- cultural effects are not addressed, this can lead to conflict and lack of business resolution especially by business managers. There are various forms of cultures that influence the performance of a business manager in another different culture. These factors are widely categorized as group culture, organizational culture and national culture. The national culture in a different country greatly influences the way in which a manager performs and hence the need to assess the cross cultural implications of a UK manager who is undertaking an international business assignment in another country. This will be done with reference to Hofstede and bond theories and also according to Trompenaars and Hall theories (Moody, Bebensee and Carter, 2008, p. 89). Hofstede (2001) Theory Of Cross Cultural Implications Culture is the way of life of a people and for a business manager to work competently in a cross cultural environment he needs to learn how to understand the cross culture and competently perform in the different cultural environment. It is important that he learns the implications of cultural diversity. Hofstede four cross cultural implications that may aid business managers on international businesses to competently perform despite the change in culture. ...
United Kingdom being a developed country has Low Power Distance (LPD) since the level of integrity, education and ethics is high. However, African countries are characterized by High Power Distance (HPD) since the margin between the intellect and the poor is very great. In a situation where a UK based manager is posed in an African country, embracing HPD will be a difficult task for the manager to accomplish. This is since the manager is used to power balance and following protocols to accomplish business deal. However, in Africa, superiors make the core of the decisions with minimal consultation to the managers. The running of the business is a top level endeavor hence challenging the performance of the UK based manager. Moreover, despite being assertive, the UK manager is inculcated into a community whereby subordinates are not consulted in decision making and the top level administration is not questioned. The issue of power distance is an example of a cross cultural implication that a UK based manager carrying out an international business in an African country will face during his business in Africa (Lim, 2004, p. 27). Secondly, individualism and collectivism is another cross cultural concept that Hofstede emphasizes in his cross cultural theory. According to him, individualists are more concerned about themselves and their gain while collectivists are concerned about the gain of the whole group. A country where individualism is rampant is in the United States, UK and Germany while the countries will collectivism are Asia and African countries. Basing on this documented evidence, the UK based manager has individualistic aspect and he has gone for an international ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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