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International Business: Clothing company based in Trafford Park, Manchester, UK - Assignment Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: International Business Part A: Introduction The decision of the outdoor clothing company based in Trafford Park, Manchester, UK to diversify into international markets such as Spain (Barcelona and Sebastian) makes it a multinational Corporation…
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International Business: Clothing company based in Trafford Park, Manchester, UK
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Download file to see previous pages Selecting Expatriates Managers: Key Traits and Competencies Selecting expatriate managers to undertake international assignments is often mired by lack of adequate empirical studies, but most of all by the inexistence of concisely defined traits and competencies critical to the success. One of the critical personalities attributes necessary for the expatriates encompass high openness to experience. The expatriate should have a flexible personality with attitudinal values of cultural empathy, patience and prudence (Connerley and Pedersen 2005, p.11). In addition, the expatriates should possess core expatriates competencies of linguistic skill, cultural sensitivity, relational ability, and ability to handle stress. Expatriate Preparation and Development This encompasses topics such as country orientation, cultural sensitivity, and practical advice. A general overview of the country includes briefs on aspects such as political structures, compensation norms, job design, housing, climate, education, taxes, and health conditions. Cultural sensitivity, on the other hand, preempts the effects of culture shock by aiding employees to adopt an open mind to the diverse outlooks and principles they are expected to come across in the host culture (Czinkota, Ronkainen and Moffett 2009, p.42). This may include foreign language competency and cultural training. Training and pre-departure preparations aid in minimizing incidences of expatriate failure through enhanced training and selection procedures. Expatriate failure in this case refers to situations when expatriates return home from foreign assignment prematurely owing to poor job performance (Palmer 1997, p.319). Language, which infers a system of spoken or written symbols employed to communicate ideas, emotions, and experiences, plays a critical role in the establishment of an internationalization programme. Language enhances understanding on demand and culture and creates abilities to enhance customers’ satisfaction, besides enhancing and maintaining skills critical to execution of the business (Grosse 2004, p.351). Communication is crucial to the management of any organization. Language will be an essential tool in communication within the organization and driving the organization goals and objectives. Research has shown that high-level personnel with competent language skills are increasingly becoming more and more critical to corporate efficiency and success (Hofstede 1991, p.5). The implementation of global strategies is often constrained by shortages of international management talent. The complex and changing environment demands flexibility within multinationals when formulating strategic responses and adopting a cross-cultural approach, critical to attainment of an organization’s goals in the context global economy (Celaya and Swift 2006, p.230). This requires fresh standards of selection, training, and motivation for the expatriates. Expatriates have to develop their intercultural communication competence so as to deliver meaningful and productive service to their organizations. The expatriate is expected to attain control and coordination of operations, transfer knowledge, and achieve managerial development. Judgment on the recruitment of the international manager centers on aspects such as technical competence, personal traits, and ability to adapt to the new environment, among other aspects (Knowles 2006, p.620). Pre-departure training seeks to curtail culture shock, as well as aiding the expatriate to adapt to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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