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Company E-Business Comparison - Research Paper Example

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This essay shows that enterprise resource planning refers to the manner in which data is interlinked within various departments e.g. account management, client management, production and sales to ensure success in the company. Computer applications enable the automaticity of this complex process…
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Company E-Business Comparison
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Download file to see previous pages E-procurement refers to the business activities that employ the internet. This process requires the utilization of electronic applications. Effective e-procurement systems link companies with their business partners. The most significant link is to suppliers and hence fosters possible negotiations on costs and takes care of any issues arising from transactions. An effective e-procurement system should be able to evaluate prices and result in an optimum output from the supplier (Chorafas, 2001). Company B will benefit from the application of this procurement process as it ensures organization of data for the company thus data required can be easily retrieved. This simplifies the process of coming up with decisions for the company. In addition, these processes occur as prepared copies that are filled in a similar way hence ensuring uniformity of data collection within the company. In addition, the uniformity plays a crucial role in monitoring and keeping track of business transactions. Effective application of this model will also help to avoid the cost of inventory for company B (Chorafas, 2001).  On the contrary, there are various challenges that Company B will experience. It requires the input of time, manpower and money to implement effectively and hence a deficiency of either of these parameters will lead to a collapse of Company B. Moreover, the results may manifest after a long time and hence patient should be observed by company B so as to realize the input of the resources utilized and this can be frustrating (Chorafas, 2001). ...
In overall, implementation of this process will make company B more competitive as it gives it a cutting edge above company A as it attracts a bigger share of the market (Chorafas, 2001). Though the implementation of this process is of benefit, there are a variety of challenges that it possesses. To begin with, this process requires the input of professionals so as to execute efficiently. Moreover, the development of complex networks may impair the proper functioning of the system since some may be neglected and render the whole system ineffective. Therefore, the functioning of an effective customer relation management system is advantageous. However, it should be operated by skilled personnel for effectiveness (Chorafas, 2001). Sell Chain Management Sell chain management refers to the processes involved in ensuring secure and timely delivery of products to the client. It promotes flexibility in the production process and leads to outsourcing of products and services. This means that there is delegation of managerial responsibilities during service delivery and, hence multiple companies are involved in the process of product delivery to the customer (Zigiaris, 2000). The implementation of effective sell chain management systems within a company is crucial so as to compete effectively with the concept of a diverse market following globalisation. Company B, which employs the sell chain management process will benefit by reaching a larger and diverse market while sharing managerial responsibilities with the other players within the network. This will foster efficiency within each player and hence the overall output from Company B will be better than company A due to the effect of specialisation employed (Zigiaris, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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