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To What Extent is the Employment Relationship Based on the Expression of Conflicting Interests - Essay Example

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Topic To what extent is the employment relationship based on the expression of conflicting interests? Table of Contents Content Page # Introduction 1 Employment Relationship: Manifestations and resolutions of conflicting interests 1 Personal viewpoint 5 Conclusion 5 References 7 Introduction The employment relationship is consisted of both cooperation and conflict between employee and employer…
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To What Extent is the Employment Relationship Based on the Expression of Conflicting Interests
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"To What Extent is the Employment Relationship Based on the Expression of Conflicting Interests"

Download file to see previous pages The overt manifestations of employment relationship conflict such as low productivity, high turnover and high absenteeism are common. The covert manifestations of employment relationship conflict by their analysis of informal work groups, decision-making networks can be highlighted as well. The employment relationship conflicts are largely provided by poor management, poorly designed jobs and the presence of differences over the distribution of economic benefits and returns. In the following parts of this paper, different manifestations of conflicting interests between employer and employee are accounted for including the ways to reduce the level of conflict between them. Subsequent to that, personal viewpoint is included with a recent example of interest conflict between employee and employer before adding the conclusion part. Employment relationship: Manifestations and resolutions of conflicting interests The employment relationship comprises of both cooperation and conflict between employer and employee. ...
put their attention on numerous overt manifestations of employment relationship conflict such as job satisfaction and low productivity, high turnover and high absenteeism. Moreover, HR specialists have also highlighted the covert employment relationship conflict through their analysis of informal work groups (among management personnel and employees), decision-making networks and organizational culture. The HR specialists believe that the employment relationship conflict stems from poor management and can be diminished by the improved management (Lewin 2001). In this regard, Taylor (1911) contended that management-worker conflict was largely contributed by poorly designed jobs and the presence of differences over the distribution of economic returns from a relatively low level of productive outcome. Taylor (1911) further argued that by applying industrial engineering principles to the work re-design (including managerial work); the level of productivity would be enhanced considerably and would lead to much bigger economic returns to the management capital and labour. But, it was also the case that workers were increasingly chaffed under the framework of work system required them staunchly to follow the commands and orders of the supervisors (foremen) and that emboldened management to tighten (or threaten to tighten) standard work times at its own will. Furthermore, this work system considered workers as un-dimensional. In order to overcome this narrow concept of the worker and to deal with growing worker dissatisfaction with the framework of scientific management, the pioneers of the human relations movement directed employers’ attention towards workers’ social needs and to the significance of the informal work group (Roethlisberger & Dickson 1939). The notion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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