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The Role of Leader Table of Contents Introduction 3 Theories of Leadership 4 Role of a Leader in a Small Property Business 7 Democratic Style of Leadership 8 Laissez-Faire Style of Leadership 9 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction A leader is a person who guides his subordinates in their activities or work…
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The Role of Leader
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Download file to see previous pages Leadership even motivates the people to improve their performance related to work and creates a positive change within an organisation. Leadership provides a new way of thinking as well as generate new ideas for effectiveness of the organizations in relation to the attainment of the organisational objectives. Leadership generally aims to bring out the best in people to make them work better and achieve a common goal (The ASPIRA Association, n.d.) In addition, leadership can also be referred as a function of creating a vision in order to obtain the desired objectives of the organisation successfully by guiding the workforce, communicating and even building trust among them and the leader so that they can work better (Oklahoma State University, 2006). The main aim of this paper is to understand different theories of leadership and their application in the organisation. Furthermore this paper will also describe the different role and style of leaders. Theories of Leadership The role of every leader is different from one another. Leaders are often observed to develop their own style of leadership and follow different leadership theories according to the requirement of the situation that they need to face in their organisations. In this regards, various theoretical frameworks or theories have been developed which explains some of the major leadership traits possessed by leaders. A few of the theories are Great man theory, Trait theory, Contingency theory, Transformational theory, Behavioural theory, and Transactional theory. According to great man theory, it is believed the people are born to lead. Leaders develop their own leadership qualities. This theory includes the members of high personality, industrial heads. On the other hand, trait theory is quite similar to the great man theory. The theory emphasizes on physical traits, tasks assigned to the leader, and social as well as personal ability of the leader among others in order to explain the leadership style. However, the contingency theory is more progressive. As per the contingency theory, leadership style should be consistent with the situation faced by the organisation to achieve the goals and objectives. In transformational theory the leaders are often observed to build a trust amid the organisational participants, motivate and engage with subordinates to increase the morality of the followers as well as the leader. The leaders also help the followers to develop their potentials and satisfy their needs with the aim to attain the desired organisational goal (Transformational Leadership, 2010). In the similar context, behavioural theory attempts to highlight the effectiveness of a leader. The behavioural theory mainly focuses on the perceptions, actions, and activities of an individual while performing any task, based on previous experience. This theory is a type of mental understanding which facilitates the actions of an entity. This theory also helps an individual or leader to take accurate decisions, which would be beneficial in accomplishing the assigned duties. It measures the confidence level and loyalty of the leader that how well they can lead and execute strategies into actions. In this theory it is believed that one has to learn effective leadership as human beings are not born with the required qualities of a good leader and thus need to develop the leadership qualit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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