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Peope and organization - Assignment Example

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The worst co-worker I have worked with was a guy who claimed to know everything and he would not listen to anyone for advice. When carrying out different tasks in our group, this person would assume the role of leader though we occupied the same grade in the company. The…
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Peope and organization
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Extract of sample "Peope and organization"

1. The worst co-worker I have worked with was a guy who claimed to know everything and he would not listen to anyone for advice. When carrying out different tasks in our group, this person would assume the role of leader though we occupied the same grade in the company. The other problem with this person is that he was too bossy and would like to command everyone in our group. This person was a pain because he would not listen to anyone though we were supposed to work as a team thereby sharing ideas.
The best co-worker I have worked with was my line manager. This person was so friendly and he was accommodative to his entire subordinates. We could freely interact with him and always encouraged us to share our ideas and views in situations we felt that some changes should be made. Unlike other managers, this person used the open door approach where any person could approach him if he or she had a problem.
The main difference between the two workers is that the first one inhibited learning in the company while the second one promoted it. the success of a company can be attributed to learning where employees can freely share their ideas and views. The management style used by the second employee was accommodative while the first co worker was authoritative in nature.
2. The ethical dilemma I encountered at school was related to the issue of using other people’s work as mine. The assignment I was working on was quite challenging and I was tempted to use my friend’s previous assignment. I intended to change a few things but I was fully aware that academic dishonesty is a serious offence. This was a crucial paper in my academic career so I had to make every effort to get the much needed pass.
However, I used the decision tree to make a decision to solve this ethical dilemma. First and foremost, I realised that it was illegal to use other people’s work as yours. I also realised the repercussions of academic dishonesty and I decided not to take the action I wanted to take in the first place. Indeed, I could succeed but I felt guilty for taking that particular action. Sometimes we commit crimes unknowingly but this still will be an offence since ignorance cannot be defence. I learnt that one should first analyse the situation before taking action since this may impact on the outcome of thet action.
In some cases, it is very wise to do the right thing using the right method. There are serious implications for practicing activities that are deemed as illegal. This can negatively impact on one’s academic career since it is a punishable offence to use other people’s work as yours. In this case, I decided to do the right thing by acknowledging all the work I used. Read More
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(Peope and Organization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Peope and Organization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Peope and Organization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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