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Weeding Out Corporate Psychopaths - Essay Example

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Corporate psychopaths generally refer to fraudulent and cold hearted manipulators who aim at gaining power for their own purpose. It has been noted that corporate psychopaths are normally eloquent, appealing and confident professionals, and strive hard in businesses…
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Weeding Out Corporate Psychopaths
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Extract of sample "Weeding Out Corporate Psychopaths"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the companies face high employees’ turnover since the employees are victimised by the psychopaths. The psychopaths tend to target his or her immediate superior as one of the strategies to transfer accuse for any wrongdoing (Boddy, n.d.). The main objective of this study is to examine what a corporate psychopath represents and the dangers that they pose to the workplace. This report will also try to evaluate if the case study has been capable of providing convincing account of comprehending corporate psychopaths. The study will attempt to make use of numerous research articles related to corporate psychopaths so that it can offer a clear understanding on the work behaviour of this category of people. Concepts Related To Corporate Psychopaths Organisational psychopaths are referred to those people who subsist at an occurrence of about one percent of the common populace and who work in an organisation. It is a well known fact that the organisational psychopaths are capable of demonstrating themselves as pleasing employees and have the capability to gain position in the organisation easily. These people do not have any conscience and are capable to cruelly charm, lie, coax and hence manipulate their way up in an organisational hierarchy in chase of their key aims and power, possessions as well as position at the expense of anyone who comes on their way (Boddy, 2006). The concept related to corporate psychopaths gets hitched with the term ‘psychopaths’ which has been derived from the dimension of psychological literatures and the term ‘corporate’ has been derived from the area of business in order to symbolize a psychopath’s working and operating in the organisational context. It has been observed that the corporate psychopaths tend to manipulate others without any principles, for the purpose of furthering their own objectives. It is worthy of mentioning the fact that the corporate psychopaths have been capable of entering into the modern organisations as well as other organisations because of the charming personality that they possess (Babiak & et. al., 2010). They can rise immediately and remain comparatively unobserved within the members of the organisation due to disordered nature of the modern organisation. Such corporate nature is featured by quick alterations, steady renewal and a quick turnover of the talented personnel. It is these changes in the culture of the organisation that makes it harder for the organisation to identify the corporate psychopaths because steady movements tend to make their attitude and behavior imperceptible and combined along with their extroverted personal charisma and appeal, making them to appear as normal and as ideal leaders (Boddy, 2011). One of the well recognised facts is that employees tend to lose their jobs and at times even their livelihood when the organisations tend to be destroyed due to the actions of their senior directors. The shareholders as well as the society as a whole tend to be affected because of the negative deeds of the senior directors. Private enterprises also lose their integrity. Such corporate collapses have been apparent in the recent years and have been found to be mushrooming in the western countries. It has further played a crucial role in global financial crisis (Boddy, 2010). Most of the people demonstrate various characteristics of psychopaths; however a few of them tend to be true psychopaths. They tend to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Weeding Out Corporate Psychopaths Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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