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MBA - Critical Thinking and Decision Making - Essay Example

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Critical thinking is a process of analyzing the information gotten through communication in a skillful manner. This is aimed at making decisions that would reflect understanding of a topic or a matter being discussed in general…
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MBA - Critical Thinking and Decision Making
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Download file to see previous pages This forms the basis of arguments in critical thinking, an aspect that is the backbone of the process. According to Ford M. the issue that is of concern is privatization of the information system management (ISM) function by the current governor. According to the governor, the move would lead to the state saving approximately $250,000 annually. Privatization would involve outsourcing of similar services from either a local or foreign company, and would enable the state save some amount that would go into providing same services (Ford M. Personal communication, January 30, 2012). Step 2 The Reason The reason in this memo is that the proposed transition would save the state about $250,000 annually. This would be the extra amount that the personnel would be paid for the whole year. Privatization would ensure that a given company is given the responsibility to provide the same services as those provided by the current employees. In addition to this, state would still manage to save about $250,000 per year that would be used for other purposes. This seems a viable idea that the state would go for as it would be profitable in the long run. Supporting this is that the government or the state would provide its employees in the company with “similar” posts in other departments within the state. Step 3 Ambiguous Phrases An ambiguous phrase has no supporting evidence and may be just a claim. In her discussion, she used the phrase, ‘an attempt to drive out experienced workers’ which she does not support with evidence. This is just a claim and would not be true unless supported by evidence. Another term used is,’ most likely’. This simply shows that an occurrence has higher chances of occurring but has not been confirmed to occur. There is no certainty when the writer says that most likely their members would be out in the streets with no jobs. She says that outsourcing, public services to private companies would cause “instability”. This is ambiguous because she does not explain how it would cause instability within the state. Again, one company such as the one mentioned would not be the one controlling the whole economy. Therefore, this would still be a claim with no evidence to give support. All these terms are used for the main purpose of convincing the union members not to agree with the governor. Her aim is to gain support from the union members by supporting facts with unclear evidence for the purposes of personal gains. Step 4 Value Conflicts and Assumptions This would be indicated by the idea of offloading people who worked in qualified position within a firm. Conflict comes up when the state retrenches individuals or offloads them and assigns others to carry out their work. This would be by outsourcing from even outside the countries or foreign countries. This would not be ethical because a state would be denying its citizen an opportunity to work at an expense of making savings by the use foreign countries. This indicates that such a country does not even care for its own citizens. This would be because such a country would be giving privilege to outsiders in preference to its citizens. The main reason for this action would be that there would be saving to be made to the state. Again, there is an assumption that attrition would occur within other government departments that would result in arising of work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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